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But like… just imagine how cute it was when Stanley got Gompers.

“Hey, great tour, here you go man.” 

Stan blinks in surprise as a baby goat was shoved into his arms. 

“Uh, unless this creature can barf up cold hard cash, I don’t know why you’re giving it to me.”

“Money is an illusion, man…. you gotta appreciate how the universe gives back… plus this goat can be a sustainable resource when it gets older… you can milk her and share the wealth of nutrients with your neighbors… it’s a miracle of life ,man. 

“This is a male goat.”
“Oh, my tour bus is leaving, peace out, stay beautiful man, life’s a journey.” 
“Hey! HEY! Get back here! No one swindles Stan Pines out of his money! ALSO TAKE YOUR STUPID GOAT WITH YOU! ” 

The tour bus already zooms away. Stanley stands there at a complete loss with the baby goat in his arms. Stanley drops him outside and is going to close the door on him. It bleats pathetically and looks up at him with large yellow eyes. 

“Don’t look at me like that, it’s not my fault he abandoned you. Life’s rough that way, bud. It’s better you find out when you’re young.” Stanley grumbles. The goat bleats fornlornly and Stan grimaces. “Circle of life, kid. Something bigger and stronger will come along and eat you… probably a lion…. or monster… there are monsters out here ya know…” Stanley stares at the goat for another minute. “ARUGH FINE. Just stop lookin’ at me with those creepy eyeballs.” He picks up the goat and carries it inside. “This is a temporary living situation ya got that? Ugh, I have to figure out what to call you… what do goats even eat?” 

We know the truth
  • Dean:*stares at Cas*
  • Dean:*stands close to Cas*
  • Dean:*'casually' touches Cas constantly*
  • Dean:*calls Cas all the time wondering where he is*
  • Dean:*when Cas is hurt he touches his face and handsies for injuries*
  • Dean:*claims he's heterosexual*
  • Sam:*smashes face into a wall*
  • Crowley:*slowly decapitates self*
  • God:*face palm*
  • Lucifer:*cackles* You lying motherfucker
  • Cas:*is very confused*

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I heard something about Qrowin smut on this blog? Also the last anon said something about student teacher, so Student Winter is now in my mind and oh wow-

*whispers* there is some Qrowin smut here indeed let talk in a dark corner about that //jk if you want all the smut go here (i made this so i could find the post better tbh)

UUUUUmmm yes oh god little Winter as a student in Atlas >:3c

You laid silently in your soft, cold bed, waiting for your husband, Luke to calm down your son so he come return. But, the cries stopped, only to get louder, turning into screams, making you groan and crawl out of bed. You walked to your son’s room, seeing Luke, swaying and shushing the crying child, looking just as tired as you are. Luke looked up and gave you a weak frown before saying, “Everytime I stop holding him and put him into his crib, he just cries louder. I don’t know what to do.” You thought for a minute, before smiling and saying, “Well then don’t stop.” Luke furrowed his eyebrows before you took your son out of his arms and into your, walking down the hall to your room. Luke followed, laying in bed before you laid down also, placing your now only sniffing son on his chest. You curled yourself into his side, his arm instinctively pulling you close. You smiled softly before you fell asleep saying, “My two favorite boys.”

Kol reading your diary

Based on THIS imagine.  This went in a completely different direction than I had first thought it was going to go, so it got a little long.  Enjoy lovies!

The school day had been long, and the only thing you wanted to do when you got back to your house at the end of the day was curl up and watch some good old fashion trashy television.  Letting yourself into the house you toed off your shoes and let your backpack drop to the floor.  Turning the corner into the living room you quickly realized that your plans of a relaxing evening wasn’t meant to be when you spotted Kol sitting on your couch, deeply engrossed in a book.

“Note to self, change the locks on the doors.”  You teased him, shaking your head as you hopped over the back of an arm chair to sit.

“You and I both know that I’ll still find a way in.  Especially after finding such juicy reading.”  Kol replied, glancing up at you from the book and holding it up so you could see the leather cover more clearly.  You were confused at first of what book he could be reading that had interested him so much.  Staring at the cover, your eyes widened with realization as you stood quickly from the chair.

“Is that my diary!?”  You screeched at the vampire perched on your couch.  Before he could answer you had run towards him, trying to grab the journal from his hands.  Kol wasn’t about to give it back easily, however.  He was off the couch by the time you reached it, and was up leaning against a wall on the other side of the room.

“His eyes are so stunning, I could get lost in them all day.”  He read, a smirk pulling at his face as he flipped through a few pages.


“Here’s a new one.”  He glanced up at you before back down to your writings.  “I had a dream last night about Kol.  It was amazing to say the least.  It left me breathless - “

“God, Kol STOP.”  You begged, lurching forward to grab at the diary one more time.  Again he avoided capture, taking his spot back on the couch as his eyes continued to scan the most recent entry to your diary.

“When I woke up I had reached out for him, thinking that he would be there, but only being greeted with cold sheets.  It was gut-wrenching.”  He read again.  At this point you knew that he had read the most intimate parts of your entries and there was no point in trying to get the writings back from him.  Your privacy had been corrupted.

“I hate you.”  You muttered, leaning back against the wall and hugging yourself as you glared at Kol.  It felt like your whole life had just been put under a microscope.  You were exposed, vulnerable, and you hated the feeling.  Embarrassed tears threatened to leak from your eyes as Kol finished reading the entry and slowly closed the diary.

“Not according to this, you don’t.”  He teased as he set the book down on the coffee table and turned to look at you.  Scanning your face quickly, he knew that he had crossed a line.  The harmless teasing that he had meant to inflict upon your day had taken a turn for the worst.

“That was before.  This is now.  Now I hate you.”  You replied, venom seeping into your words.  Taking another moment to pity yourself you straightened up, uncrossing your arms and letting them fall to your sides.  “Get out, Kol.”

“Y/N…”  He began, rising to his feet and frowning at you.  His mind was quickly reeling for a way to make this better.  To ease your pain.  He hadn’t expected to find anything of that magnitude in your diary, or else he would’ve chosen a different way to get under your skin.  At most he had expected to find a petty lie you had told someone, not the fact that you had feelings for him.  Feelings that he very much reciprocated.

“Leave!”  You shouted, glaring at the stunned man.  He gaped at you like a fish before bowing his head and turning towards the front door.  Time.  What you needed was time.

After the front door had closed behind him you snatched the diary off of the coffee counter and clutched it to your chest for a few minutes.  The tears that had been threatening to fall finally slid tracks down your cheeks before splashing silently onto the floor.  Angrily, you stomped to the fireplace across from the couch and used the lighter you left near it to set the logs aflaim.  When the fire was sufficiently built you kneeled in front of it, running a hand over the cover of the diary as you inwardly battled.  Eventually, you chucked the half filled book into the fireplace, watching the flames devour the pages of writing.  Sitting back against the hardwood floor you watched the pages melt apart, ink bubbling and dissipating until nothing remained of the journal.  

Supernatural Fandom struggles
  • Fan from other fandom:"Omg my FAV character was killed off!"
  • Supernatural Fandom:...
  • Supernatural Fandom:BITCH YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW! *whole fandom erupts into sobs*
  • Supernatural Fandom:Bobby died twice, Cas died three times, Sam died 6 times, Dean died 103 times, then there's Kevin,Bela,Jo,Ellen,Ash,Jess,
  • John,Mary,Pamela,Balthazar,
  • Gabriel...*continues listing off names*
  • Fan from other Fandom:O.o
streaks of copper - tylum

okay i have never surfed in my life so i legit had to use wikiHow as a guide. excuse all the inaccuracies lol and just enjoy the tylum

‘Ty wake up.’ Calum said, nudging the other boy gently.

'Nghu awayuh’ Tyler groaned in what could be loosely interpreted as 'go away.’

'Ty come on.’ Calum whined, poking Tyler as he rolled over onto his side to face away from Calum.

'Tryna sleep Cal.’ Tyler grumbled, pulling the blanket up over his head to block out the sun which was streaming in through the open window.

'Look I didn’t want to do this but…’ Calum said, suddenly pulling the covers away from Tyler and off the bed. He then pulled the other boy over so he was lying on his back again and straddled him, all with a grin lighting up his face.

'You’re honestly the worst person.’ Tyler said as he squinted up at Calum, although he then pulled Calum down to kiss him so he probably didn’t really mean it Calum figured. Well no that much anyway.

'I am the best surf instructor though and it’s literally a perfect day for it, you have to come out this time.’ Calum pouted. He had been trying to get Tyler to come surfing with him all week but so far Tyler had refused.

'Just 'cause I’m from California doesn’t mean I have to surf.’ Tyler protested, trying to distract Calum by pulling him down for another kiss. It worked for a few minutes until Calum abruptly sat back up again.

'If we’re staying in Sydney though you do. Come on it’s my hometown, you gotta play by my rules.’ He said, smiling teasingly at the other boy.

'Okay fine but-’ Tyler started before Calum stopped him by pressing his lips to his.

'You’re not going to regret this I promise.’ He grinned as he jumped up off the bed and held out a hand for Tyler.

'Alright, Alright, I said I’d come. But only if you have a shower with me first.’ Tyler said as he let Calum pull him off the bed. 'Having you on top of me like that really wasn’t helping my morning boner.' 

'So is the only way I’m gonna get you on a surfboard by giving you head first?’ Calum asked, already taking off his t-shirt.

'I mean…’ Tyler shrugged with a grin.

'I can think of worse ways to start my day.’ Calum returned Tyler’s grin before tugging him towards the bathroom.


'Can I change my mind Cal?’ Tyler turned to Calum with a panicked look on his face.

'Well I can’t really reverse that blowjob so…nope you still have to surf.’ Calum said as they walked along the beach. To be fair to Tyler the waves were fairly big today Calum noted as he looked out to sea. 'You’ll be fine though Ty I promise.’

The two had reached the waters edge and they paused for a moment as Calum turned to look at Tyler. 'I’ll be with you the whole time.’

'I know.’ Tyler nodded back, grateful for Calum’s reassurance. 'Alright might as well get this embarrassment over with.’ he chucked to himself and began wading into the water.

'Can’t be worse than the time you tried to teach me to snowboard.’ Calum pointed out as Tyler laughed at the memory. Calum had not been a fan of the cold or the ice or the snow or the ski clothes or well, any of it really.

The two paddled out till they were in deep enough waters without too much trouble, and Tyler only slipped off his board once.

'I think I’m doing pretty well.’ Tyler grinned as they stopped and he sat up on his board.

'You know we haven’t actually done any surfing yet?’ Calum asked, avoiding the spray of water Tyler splashed at him. 'But I mean of course you’re doing great.’ He laughed as the other boy scowled back at him. He paddled over till his board was level with Tyler’s and leant in to kiss him softly. 'Ready to actually catch some waves now?’ He asked.

'Only when you stop making fun of me.’ Tyler retorted.

'I mean we could be waiting a while for that to happen so…’ Calum laughed as Tyler splashed him with water once again. 'Okay fine, fine!’ he protested as Tyler continued to splash him. 'First we’re going to locate our sweet spot.’

'Our sweet spot?’ Tyler snorted with laughter.

'Well now who’s making fun of who?’ Calum raised his eyebrows at the other boy. Tyler raised his hands in mock surrender and so Calum continued. 'Sit back on your board until the nose is up out of the water and then just kick your legs round so that you’re facing the shore and - there you go!’ Calum beamed as Tyler followed his instructions. 'Okay and now as this wave is coming now, just keep paddling and-’

As the wave approached Tyler stood up too quickly on his board and it was knocked out from under his feet. As he plummeted under the waves Calum frantically paddled towards him. 'Oh my god are you okay?’ Calum asked as Tyler resurfaced.

'I’m fine!’ He said, laughing at the panic on Calum’s face. 'You know I’m probably gonna fall off again today, you can’t really have a heart attack every time it happens.’

'Shut up.’ Calum grumbled, leaning down to kiss him with relief. 'Let’s try again and this time don’t just just throw yourself up the second the wave comes.’

They practised in the water for several more hours, Tyler needing lots of encouraging kisses from Calum and Calum needing lots of “don’t worry I’m still alive” kisses from Tyler.

'One last wave and then lots go back to the shore you must be exhausted.’ Calum smiled at Tyler as he bobbed back up to the surface after another fall.

Tyler set his jaw in determination, pulling himself back up onto the board as he and Calum both lay down and checked behind them for the wave. As it began to tug at his board Calum pulled himself up in one swift motion and let the wave carry him towards the shore. He looked to his side for Tyler and to his amazement saw him standing beside him, wobbling but managing to stay upright on his board.

'Ty you’re doing it!’ Calum yelled as the other boy whooped for joy. As the wave finally washed away beneath them they both tumbled from their boards and Calum swam towards Tyler with swift strokes.

'You did it I’m so proud of you!’ Calum exclaimed as he held Tyler’s face in his hands and kissed him. His lips tasted of sea salt and his skin was hot against Calum’s own despite the sea lapping against them.

Tyler pulled back to look at Calum’s beaming face lit up with pride, his skin bronzed by the sun and little streaks of copper in his hair. 'I can do anything with you.’ He said softly, before bringing his lips back to Calum’s once more.  

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Do you have any tsukii as a werewolf in there ? I think he would be so cute and i keep imagining both tsukii and yamaguchi as werewolf in the last drawing you posted of them together xD Sorry , im totally in love with your werewolf au and your cute art just make it so awesome >.<

Yes I do actually! They’re both hunters/temporary werewolves. Here’s how they look like (sorry this was done quickly and the art’s horrible //sobs)

Tsukki changes to his other form during 11am/pm, whereas Yams changes to his at 12am/pm. Also Tsukki doesn’t need glasses in the other form because the werewolves in my au have superhuman vision and hearing! What I forgot to add in these sketches is that Yams’ freckles are green and glow in the dark when in the other form lol. They both wear the same jackets as well haha.

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Derek setting up a facebook account and only being tagged in photos, Christmas passing and the pack finding out that it's his birthday so they all spam his wall, Derek's old teammates tagging him in really old photos, everyone asking Derek 'hey did you check your facebook??? There's an event' and Derek getting overwhelmed by 20+ notifications that he has to go through.

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I imagine his cute lil overwhelmed face and him turning to Stiles all like hA L P lmao 

Beautiful - Young Derek Hale imagine

Plot: Based off of the scene in 4x02

[A/n]: This isn’t a request, but I thought this was a cute imagine, I guess. I love young Derek, and to be honest, there’s not enough of him in the world. Also, the whole dad/Agent McCall/Rafael thing is pretty confusing.

Word count: 700+

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Imagine taking photos of your boyfriend for a scrapbook project. He begins smiling but when you lift the camera in front of your face his expression changes.
You- you okay?
Tom- I’ve just realised something is all
You- Oo tell me?
Tom- How incredible you are, I adore you y/n
You swiftly place the camera beside you before jumping into his arms. The smile reappears on his face.
You- I’m so in love with you
You both giggle before joining lips and creating rhythm

Cry baby Cal!

I bet calum would tease you whenever you got emotional over a film, not only when you cried but all the time when you squealed during the love scenes in your romantic dramas. Most of the time you would put on a rom-com so you’d both enjoy it but at the end when everyone was happily in love you’d just die inside and get super excited causing calum to make fake sick noises and tease you. “Cal you can’t make fun of me for crying over sad films though everyone gets sad” you defended yourself. “Yeah Y/N it might be sad but most people don’t cry over this, well atleast not us men” he emphasised the word men as you tried to hold back your laugh at him referring to himself as a man. “Cal I sure hope you’re not trying to say that you don’t cry at films, hmm”
“But I don’t Babe” he lied. This time it was too hard for you to hold back your laugh. “Y/N stop laughing you know I never cry!”
“Yeah yeah I know” you whisper mocking him.
“Fine, put on a sad film and we shall see if I cry” he challenged you and things were finally getting interesting.
“Hmm this one will definitely get you all chocked up cal” you put the dvd into the tv and ran back to your space in Calum’s arms and cuddled up to him. Waiting for the screen to play.
“Marley and me! No way Y/N you know how I feel about this film it has dogs in it and the dog dies and.. And..”
“Hmm is that someone admitting defeat because I know my calum hood would never admit to defeat” you interrupted him.
“No let’s watch then” he sighed
“Let’s” you grinned into his side knowing he wouldn’t be able to handle it.
An hour later and Calum already had tears in his eyes and you could hear him sniffling “cal the dog hadn’t even died yet!” You giggled
“But Y/N I know it’s coming and he’s already starting to get a little old” he blubbered. “Crying are we?” “Fine Y/N I admit it I cried but this film is really sad and you know I can’t take it” he let out a breath that he didn’t know he was holding. “It’s okay cal you’re still a man and I still love you!” You kissed him on his cheek and watched the rest of the film holding the tissues close for your emotional boyfriend letting his tears dampen your shirt.


-Calum sending you snapchats-

Calum: hey babe, we’re picking songs for the setlist! *whispers* don’t worry I know you want voodoo doll, I’ll make sure we play it.

Luke: Is this to y/n? HEY Y/N!! CALUM SAYS HE WANTS TO HAVE- *calum stops video and smacks Luke*

Single Daddy


Prompt- Can you do one where like Niall is a single dad of like a two or three year old little girl and newborn boy girl idc and like his wife or girlfriend died or left or somthing and somehow he meets us and like they fall in love or somehting. 

(A/N- Sorry to the person who requested this, it took longer than it should have.)

×1652 words 


 Niall groaned as he heard his one month old daughter, Mykala, start to cry from the baby monitor that sat on his bedside table.   He wished his wife, Melissa,  was still with him, but to be honest he didn’t even know where she was. One day when he left to take the girls to him mum’s house he returned to find her clothes and other personal belongings gone, not even a note or a clue where she was going or why she left. He cried for a long time and was completely lost on how to raise two girls. Mykala was only a week old and he was on tour when Faith was that age so he had no clue what to do.

He cried a lot, but never in front of his girls, which was hard to do when Faith would consistently ask, “Where’s mummy?”, “Is Mummy mad at me?”, “Does mummy not love us anymore daddy?” and the worst, “Is mummy ever coming back?”.  Niall also tried not to let himself get angry at the women who once said she loved him, knowing that would only make matters worse. But if it came down to it and Melissa wanted back into their lives he would refuse, she didn’t deserve the two best girls in Niall’s life.

Wiping his hand along his face in an attempted to rid the grogginess from his mind, Niall slipped out of the bed that seemed all too empty. Grabbing a random pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt that didn’t smell too dirty he hurried over to the nursery so Mykala didn’t wake Faith up from her crying. Which was hopeful thinking on Niall’s part, but he still wished to get at least another hour of sleep. “Hey baby girl, whats a matter?” he cooed softly bringing the tiny baby to his chest and gently putting her pacifier into her small mouth.  

She slowly quieted down and her eyelids started to flutter close. Just when Niall was about to lay Mykala back down again Faith came scarpering into the room, “Daddy.” Faith said a little too loud that caused the baby to wake up again and the tears return to her eyes. Niall sighed lightly letting go of his hope of getting more sleep.

“whats up princess?” Niall asked the three year old while walking over to the changing table laying down Mykala.

“We’re going shopping today right?” she asked excitedly skipping over to the table and watching Niall change the infant’s diaper.

“Yes Faith, can you go pick out the clothes you want to wear and wait for daddy in your room?” She nodded and ran out of the room to complete the task that Niall had asked her to do. He had told her a few days ago that they would go clothes shopping because both girls were in desperate need of new clothes. Niall couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, this would be the first time the girls would be out in public since people found out about Melissa abandoning them and he wasn’t looking forward to the paparazzi.  

After getting Mykala dressed and ready for today Niall went into Faith room and got her dressed and tried his hardest to braid her hair. It turned out okay but wasn’t the best but Faith thought it was the most beautiful braid she had ever seen.

Breakfast went fairly well to Niall’s standards, no food was on the floor, hair, or clothes and Mykala hadn’t spit up her formula over the back of Niall’s shirt. Packing up the girls into the car Niall was pleased to see not a lot of people around and about, which wasn’t surprising seeing that it was nine am on a Tuesday and most people were at work or school.

Niall’s heart dropped however when he pulled into the mall parking lot and saw a few people with cameras standing outside the main entrance. How they found out he was coming here amazed him. “Daddy are those the men that talk really loud and take lots of pictures?” Faith’s smile voice asked from the backseat. Hearing the slight fearful quiver in the question Niall smiled brightly at her in the review mirror to mask his own anxiety.  "I think so my love but i promise that i wont let them hurt you or your sister. Just ignore their questions.“ He spoke bravely.

Parking the car he stepped out of the drives seat and opened the back door and got his daughters out of the car. Setting Mykala in the baby carrier that rested on his chest he grabbed the diaper bag and swung it over his shoulder then taking a tight grip of Faith’s hand.  Niall walked at a pretty quick pace almost forcing Faith to run beside him, but she was in as much of hurry that Niall was in  the get inside never being fond of the paparazzi.

“NIALL HOW HAVE YOU BEEN DOING SINCE MELISSA LEFT YOU?”, “ARE GOING TO GET ANOTHER WOMAN TO REPLACE HER?”, “IS IT TRUE YO CHEATED ON HER AND THAT’S WHY SHE LEFT YOU?”, “HOW ARE YOU DAUGHTERS GOING TO GROW UP WITHOUT A FEMALE INFLUENCE?” The words made Niall sick to his stomach, why did they think that was okay to say in front of  his girls? Did they not have any since?

Blocking out the vile words and the constant clicking and flashing on the cameras he pressed on into the shopping mall where he then let out a sigh of relief. “Okay, are you ready to shop?” Niall asked trying to sound enthusiastic. Faith nodded and let Niall lead her into stores.

In the second store however Faith grows bored when Niall was trying to figure out why Mykala was being fussy. Finding more fun with running through the clothing racks and pretending like she was in a jungle of clothes.

Being a three year old her attention span and excitement for the the little game had wore off about two minutes later, a small squeak left her lips when she saw that her daddy was no where in sight. However (Y/N) heard the tiny sound that came out from under the clothing rack near to her. She stopped looking at the clothes she was going to get for her friend’s daughter she pushed a few of the shirts out of the way to find a little girl with a messy braid and a frightened expression. Faith looked up at the young women unsure of what to do, Niall had always told her not to talk to strangers, but the lady in front of her look really nice.

“Hello sweetheart, are you lost?” (Y/N) asked already knowing the answer though. Faith nodded and played with the hem of her shirt still unsure of what to do.

“My names (Y/N). Whats your name?”

“Faith.” She answered simply.

“That’s a vary pretty name, did you loose your mummy or daddy?”

“My daddy.” Faith said with tears coming to her eyes now regretting running off.

Just then (Y/N) heard the sound of a man yelling faith from across the store, “That your daddy?” she asked with a sight smile as she say the little girl nod excitedly. Taking the irl hand (Y/N) led her to the voice, when they got there she saw a handsome blonde man that looked as if he was on the verge of tears as he held on of his hands rested on the back of the small infants head that was strapped against his chest in the baby carrier while the other hand pulled lightly on a bit of his hair. He wore an expensive looking button down shirt with the first three buttons undone revealing a bit of his chest, he also wore black skinny jeans that weren’t that tight around his skinny legs.

“Um, sir?” (Y/N) cleared her throat watching as he turned around and a wave of relief washed over him.

“Faith, please don’t scare daddy like that.” Niall said sinking to his knees carefully being mindful of his knee and that fact that he still held his other one month old daughter in his arms. Faith ran into his arms and hugged both her father and little sister. “I cant loose you too.”  Niall spoke quietly mostly to himself and didn’t intend for (Y/N) to hear but she did.

She didn’t think much of the small comment however, standing awkwardly. “I truly cant thank you enough.” Niall said coming back onto his feet and making sure to hold Faith’s hand tightly as if she was going to disappear into thin air.

“It’s no problem, really.” (Y/N) smiled. But there was something about her smile that gave Niall butterflies, the type of butterflies he only felt with his wife. shaking his head to rid of the day dream he was falling into he held out his hand, “Niall.”

“I’m (Y/N), you and your wife have some very beautiful little girls here.” She said almost hoping to find out the man in front of her was somehow single.  Niall’s smile faded sightly at the complement, “Uh, actually i’m single.”

“Oh.” (Y/N) said awkwardly wanting to ask him about her but knew that this wasn’t the time or the place to do it in front of the girls.  

“Would you like to get lunch someday?” Niall asked breaking the silence.

“Yeah sure, let me give you my number.” Reaching into her bag she pulled out a scarp of paper and scribbled down her number handing it to the man. “I’m open all next week and few days the following, i’m pretty flexible though.”

Smiling Niall took the paper and tucked it into his jean pocket thanking the (Y/N) once more before letting Faith lead him over to a clothes rack. He thought he wouldn’t be ready to start dating again,  but now he knows hes ready to get over his ex wife.


im sorry this is really bad but if you want a part two ill write it. requests open