cute idiot that i love


               When my 60 seconds came around,

                    l realized l had everything l ever wanted

                         but nothing l really needed.


please watch this video of these two dorks pretending to be samurai

I affectionately tell exo I hate them at least 5 times a day

sorcererinslytherin  asked:

King AU. Ryan exhausts himself teleporting. Good thing there's his lovely husband ready to kiss it better.

( *blows kiss*)

When Ryan voiced his interest in practicing his longer blinks, teleporting longer distances, Gavin already knew exactly how the day was going to end. So he isn’t surprised at the sight of his exhausted husband stumbling into their bed chamber in the late afternoon, looking like he’s just run twenty miles.

“Have fun?” Gavin chirps, standing up from the small desk he was writing at. He moves over to Ryan, reaching out and taking his hand, smiling brightly.

“I think I blinked over three miles in one shot,” Ryan grins back, squeezing his hand lightly. “Also might have scared some of your knights blinking back out from the jungle.”

Gavin chuckles, shaking his head. “I’m sure they’ll forget all about it. Or Dan will convince them it was nothing.” He pecks a kiss to his cheek. “But that’s good! You’re going farther! Is it getting any easier?”

“Not yet,” Ryan says, shaking his head but still beaming down at Gavin. “It’s still just as tiring.”

“Then let’s get some rest, shall we?” Gavin says, moving them both over to the bed.

Ryan all but collapses into it, letting out a low sigh as his body aches, soar from the energy he had used up. Gavin shakes his head fondly at him, knowing full well he did this to himself. But Gavin still lays down with him, throwing his arms around the other.

“I’ve already told a servant to bring supper here instead of the dining hall,” Gavin mutters, brushing Ryan’s long, blond hair away from his face. “Figured you’d just sleep through it anyway.”

Ryan gives a small hum of pleasure, already closing his eyes and nuzzling close to Gavin. “That sounds good. You always know how to treat me right, my love.”

“It’s almost like you married me for a reason,” Gavin hums back, placing a gentle kiss to his forehead.

Ryan gives a sleepy smile. “Hm, I thought it was just for your beautiful face.”

“No, that’s why I married you, remember?” Gavin teases, placing more kisses to his face.

“Oh yeah. That and my ‘bloody beautiful eyes’,” Ryan mimics, exaggerating Gavin’s accent.

“I don’t bloody sound like that,” Gavin chides.

“No, you sound much prettier than that…” Ryan mumbles.

“Well I can tell you’re really tired, that didn’t make any sense.”

Ryan yawns then, only proving Gavin’s point further. “Blinking’s hard,” he explains simply. “Stay with me?” he mutters, wrapping his arms over Gavin’s thin frame.

Gavin chuckles, giving him a big grin. “I’m already in the bed, aren’t I? I’m staying. Now get some sleep, love.”

Ryan only nods, drifting off cuddled close to his husband, in his warm and safe arms. Gavin presses one more kiss to his hair, hearing his breath even and his weight press against him. 

“Love you, you big nerd,” Gavin whispers against his hair, letting his own eyes slip closed and dozing off not long after him.