cute ideas for the home

cute date Idea: we finally go visit your hometown. you show me all of your favorite places to eat and to see. i try to imagine you here, when you were younger. we visit your parents, and they love me. you think it’s cute. at night, we curl up, and i know that home is wherever you are.



Imagine: Len is sitting on the couch, reading when Barry walks in with this huge ball of white and black fluff covering his torso, arms cradling it with care.  “Barry…” Len greets warily.  Barry gives him a sheepish smile and the ball of fur shifts on Barry’s body.

Len stares.  “Barry.”


“..Is that a baby panda clinging to you?”

Barry blinks, trying to look oblivious.  “No?”

..Somehow, it’s not the weirdest thing Barry’s ever come home with.  At least, Barry was able to return it to the zoo the next day.