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Bruce Wayne Imagine

Requested: “reader is like bruces daughter who instead of becoming a vigilantly she joins the army and she like comes home from her tour and like surprises him and that family and just fluff! idk I just thought it was a cute idea. “

After your tour, you come home to surprise Bruce, only for him to become overwhelmed with emotion. BATDAD WOOO

“Ow!” You cursed quietly, hopping ever so slightly in pain. You closed the front door quietly, careful not to draw any attention to yourself.  

Ignoring your throbbing toe, you carried on, eager to surprise Bruce and the boys. Waves of excitement pulsed through your veins, and you felt an almost childish rush overcome your body. 

It had been almost a year since you’d last seen the family. You remember vividly, your tears spilling as you said goodbye, and an almost, almost, singular tear spill from Bruce’s eye. Nothing can make the man cry.

So you tip toed through the empty house, hoping to pinpoint where everyone would be.

Walking up the stairs and down the hall, you saw Dick and Jason’s dark rooms. You carefully opened their door and all you could do was roll your eyes.

“Really? Asleep already?” You grumbled to yourself as you watched the snoring boys. It was only 10 Pm.

With a smirk and a quick cheeky eye however, you grabbed a sharpie, and drew some MA+ rated content on Jason’s face. With your mischief getting the better of you, you spotted a glass of water, and put Dick’s hand in it. You laughed slightly to yourself at your not very good, but relatively average prank. 

“I’m so funny…” You mumbled to yourself.

Slipping out of the room, you made your way to the end of the hall, where of course, Bruce’s office sat. As you expected, the room was dimly lit. Just the way Bruce liked it. You walked up slowly, pushing the door open to peer inside.

There Bruce stood, back towards you, in his business suit pants, and shirt with rolled up sleeves, looking at his wall littered in paper, sticky notes and maps. You walked behind him, his silhouette almost foreign to you.

“You know for a vigilante, you’re not very good at noticing when people sneak into your house.”

Bruce froze, his heart stopping in his chest. He turned around slowly, taking in second, by second, your presence.

You’d changed, but not by much. Your hair was longer, face more mature, eyes slightly tired and it looked as if you’d even gained some muscle. However you were still his daughter, and he couldn’t believe his eyes at the marvel which was you.


You smiled a toothy grin, and dropped your bag. You ran as quickly as you could and jumped on him. Without even a grunt he caught you, hugging you tight as you clung to him like a koala to a tree.

“For the record,” He joked quietly, “ I knew you were coming.” 

You chuckled, “Sure; that’s why it was so easy to get in.” You teased. 

Bruce laughed, and it sounded good. You’d missed his jokes and shenanigans and occasional chuckle. But after awhile, you noticed his laugh turned into a quiet sniffle, so quiet, if you coughed you’d miss it.

Without saying a word, you hugged him tighter.

His grip became stronger as he held onto you close.  He’d missed you, and it was only until now that he realised how much he actually did.

Bruce was glad the room only had a pinch of light, as the tears ran slowly and softly down his face; the tears he didn’t want you to see. But, what Bruce didn’t know, was that you were softly crying too.