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jungkook likes to hold hands with jin and hobi

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Relax, I’m not gonna mess with your friends- they’re actually really cool.


:breaking news: aspiring teacher has crush on warrior farmer girl

otherwise, i’ve made it my goal to woo and marry penny

i didn’t know who to choose until i gotta fortune put us together workin on a farm, so shes the one

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I'm not sure if you're still taking prompt requests but it would be cute to see some fluff of Stan and Ford getting into an arguement that ends in a tickle fight. After all, tickling is the go to method in order to put annoying siblings in their place.

In life as I know it, there are two types of tickling: The gentle, playful kind used to generate laughter and joy. And then there is the tickling used in combat. To end arguments. Subdue enemies. Tickling that should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

This is one of the latter stories.

“Not -ha- fair!” Stan cried between gasps, struggling beneath his brother’s six-fingered assault. He was not blameless in this argument, no sir, but for Ford to bring out the big guns - especially with his natural advantage - was just poor sportsmanship.

“Y-You have an extra finger- gah! S-Stop, you sonuvabitch!”

“We have the same mother, Stanley,” Ford reminded blandly. Stan scowled, back arching as his brother went for his armpits, the merciless bastard. “Just admit defeat and this will all be over!”

Stan gritted his teeth, chin set with defiance. Still, he wasn’t above bartering.

“I-I can’t breathe, damn it! Gonna have a stroke-”

“Nice try, than won’t work this time,” Ford huffed.

“Y-Yeah, well, my bladder ain’t as strong as it u-used to be,” Stan snarled around a painful-sounding giggle, "and if you don’t quit it, you’ll be swabbing the deck!“

The prospect certainly didn’t appeal to his twin, but being on the ocean - nature’s toilet - it wasn’t the worst threat in the world. “Just say it!” Ford demanded, ruthlessly attacking his brother’s sides.

Stan squirmed like he was having a seizure,a spasm of unbidden laughter torn from his throat. “Never!” he cried. “I’ll die first!”

Ford’s face darkened with impatient frustration. “Admit that Elizabeth should have married Count Lionel! at the end of The Duchess Approves!”

“N-No! He HAD his chance at the cotillion!”

“People change!”

“She deserves BETTER!”

Ship wars on ships get pretty intense.

Anon, you don’t know how accurate this is, with how tickling is used amongst siblings/relatives (at least in my experience)

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Can u do a yoonseok HC where suga and hobi are both underground rappers and jimin and jungkook are together so they get yoonseok together and leave them alone in the bar !! humour and cuteness pleasee

+ “You know who would be cute together?” Who?” “Hobo Hyung and Yoongi Hyung.” “Lets do it.”

+ So Jungkook and Jimin set off to plan out how to get them together.

+ What better time then the club that both “Jhope” and “Suga” are performing?

+ Yoongi and Hoseok knew of each other, they both like each others music for the most part. They never really seen each other outside of music shows. But that didn’t stop Ji.Kook from plotting.

+ It’s pretty easy. Jungkook gets Yoongi to go to the bar, Jimin gets Hoseok also. The two rappers are friendly so that’s a good start. Jimin and Jungkook watch their interaction before deciding they need to leave.

+ Aka going to make out somewhere so the two rappers are forced to talk with out the younger boys.

+ Hoseok and Yoongi don’t even break from conversation when the younger boys go and hide in another part of the room to watch. Namjoon doesn’t even question the couple as they hide behind the couches in the V.I.P section.

+ “Do you think it’s going well?” Jimin asks. Jungkook shrugs. “They’re not having a battle so that’s good… right? Or do rappers do battles if things are going good? I don’t know!” Jimin frowns while he looks at his boyfriend.

+ “Kook, you’re a rapper.” “I’ve never dated another rapper. I date dancers that look like a twink.” “JEON JUNGKOOK DO YOU WANT TO DIE!?” Namjoon rolls his eyes as the couple that’s rolling on the ground while arguing.

+ Hoseok and Yoongi smile at each other before leaning in to kiss. And Ji.Kook missed it.

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