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the extra cute and proper use of a fresh water bottle by Kim Jongdae

Wedding Jitters Pt.2 // 10:46 pm

Pairing: Reader x Fiancé
Featuring: Tom Holland
Warning: idk
Prompt: you realize you made a mistake at the wedding and run

Part 2

Everyone’s eyes were on you as you walked out down the isle, your dads arm wrapped securely around yours. You knew how hard this was to him, letting his only daughter go. It was hard for you too, of course. This was your future, your fate. You’d be marry to this one man, the man you’ve spent the last couple of years of your life falling for.
But, it didn’t feel right. You loved him with all of you, but it didn’t feel like all of you wanted to love him. Not the way you should, anyway.
That’s when you really felt it. The vile that was rising to your throat. The uncomfortable feeling settling in your stomach. What were you doing? Walking down an isle to meet the man you love, but are not in love with.
Yours locked with him. You could see there. The fear. You weren’t the only one feeling it. A few steps away now. And your father stopped you, your eyes followed as he handed you over to your soon-to-be husband, but your mind was running away.
Stepping up to stand in front of him now, his eyes still locked on you. You couldn’t speak, you couldn’t do anything. You were frozen on the spot as he grabbed hold of your ice cold hands.
“[Name]?” Your fiancé leaned over and whispered. His eyes creased with worry now as you stared blankly. Gone was your breath.
The slightest shake of your head indicated you weren’t the one, the right one - for him. It was like a click, in the back of your head as you watched him nod.
He understood. He knew. Why? Because you two did love each other, you both did greatly. But that’s just it, you both knew you loved each other but never were in love with each other.
You didn’t hesitate to run. You didn’t look at everybody’s shocked and concerned faces as you booked it for the door. Running as fast as your legs could carry you in a wedding dress.
Not stopping once you made it outside the large building, you ran down the street, yelling for a cab. One pulled over and you swiftly got in, yelling at him to take you anywhere, everywhere, just get the hell out of there.
It felt like hours, but was only thrifty minutes as your cab pulled up outside the airport. Confused at first, the cab looked at you through the rear view mirror, you could see his eyes look over you. Your make up was most likely ruined and you were wearing a large wedding dress. He probably guessed your situation.
“Oh no, sir I’m so sorry. I left m-my purse back at the hotel.” You hiccuped, afraid of what he might do.
“No, ma'am it’s okay.” His eyes read the grief you were already going to be expecting from everyone you knew. “It’s on me.”
“I don’t know how to thank you,” you said to him, leaning against the glass.
“Go, go and be happy.” He said, a small smile illuminating his features. You wanted to cry harder. Why are people so nice??
“Thank you.” You tried to hold back the water works as you pulled you and your dress out of the cab and headed to the airport doors.
Where to next?