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I can’t even with all the cuteness… It’s just too much!!! *flails*

Headcanon: Being best Friends with Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield would include:
  • Being the three musketeers
  • Roasting each other 24/7
  • Being attached at the hip, practically together 24/7
  • Pretending to find them annoying
  • Teasingly complaining about them
  • Calling each other out on their shit
  • Not taking yourself or each other seriously
  • Constantly taking pictures of each other and with each other
  • Loving their bromance and feeling slightly jealous of it
  • Them being protective as hell
  • Teasing them about how they are practically Peter Parker and Harry Osborn in real life
  • Joining the Batman vs Spiderman argument
  • Social Media wars
  • Constantly tagging each other in photos
  • You and Harrison being proud as hell of Tom
  • Judging Tom hardcore for his hello kitty pajama pants, but stealing them when he isn’t around
  • Always stealing their shirts because it isn’t like they wear them anyway
  • Admiring their shirtless bodies 24/7
  • Them taking care of you when you’re sick
  • Taking care of them when they are sick
  • Always laughing when you’re with them
  • Long hugs
  • Them always teasing you about your height
  • Working out with them/ watching them work out
  • Playing basketball with them
  • Them teaching you how to play basketball
  • Tessa loving you
  • Monty loving you
  • The boys being jealous about how much Monty and Tess love you
  • Swearing 24/7
  • Scolding Tom for swearing all the time
  • Horrible nicknames
  • Trying to keep the two in line
  • Being tumblr af
  • Being amazed by all your instagram followers
  • Traveling with them because they can’t stand being separated
  • Tom getting you a job onset
  • Making fun of Tom with the Avengers cast
  • Bonding with Sebastian while making fun of Tom
  • RDJ seeing you as a daughter
  • Becoming BFF’s with Zendaya
  • Their fans loving you
  • Being shipped with Tom
  • Being shipped with Haz
  • Having a shit ton of fan art
  • Both boys being cuddly as hell despite not wanting to admit it
  • Always having each other’s back
  • Everyone loving you
  • Their parents adore you and treating you like a daughter
  • Their parents fighting over who you will end up with
  • Late night conversations
  • Going over just to cuddle in the middle of the night after a nightmare
  • Being no stranger to Tom climbing in your window
  • Them buying you food
  • Aesthetic photos
  • Stealing Tess or Monty daily
  • “Y/n not again give back Tess/Monty”
  • Just a perfect, loving and supportive friendship
  • Legit friendship goals

‘How to say indirectly you don’t like girls.’
A tutorial by Harry Styles.

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Remember when they kind of just….

Awww I really love this hug