cute haha xd



I don’t know I got it right ?! but that’s all I could think of ?! hahah ;/////w////;

@pandagnomeium thank you for the ask tho!

Eijun!!! on ICE

Watching yuri on ice made me think about a figure skating AU of ace of diamond and it also reminded me of this:

It’s the ending card from 2014 (ep60) drawn by Tatenaka Junpei who was one of the animators of Ace of Diamond and is now working for Yuri!!!onICE :D

aaw, LOOK AT THEM <3 !
They’re @nerdgasrnz  fusion children (and fusion-fusion child, haha)
and holee shit, i really needed to draw them when i saw them. They are so gorgeous and… -wink wink- 


“Bromance–It’s all about the friendship!”

–Janalyn Robnett

7. Favorite chat emoji 

 ♥ ♥ ♥  707′s love love emoji !!  ♥ ♥ ♥

12. Favorite chat

You already know !! my best it “Jumin’s Revenge” Route Jaehee Day 10 XDDD

13. Favorite call

“Where did you go on your own?” Route 707 Day 7 >:D Tsundere 707 is the best !!!  ♥ ♥

1. Favorite character

 ♥ ♥ ♥  707 !! ♥ ♥ ♥

16. Favorite after ending

I love 707′s after ending chat. They make me feel like lovely family :)  ♥

Searan is so cute haha XD

33. First route

My first route is Yoosung 

haha my cutie boy X’D  ♥ ♥

37. Korean OP vs English OP

I like Korean OP more than Eng :) Original is the best for me

47. Moments that made you laugh out loud?

LOLOLOLOLOLOL When Jumin stealed 707′s super car in Jaehee route XD I can’t stop laughing. I feel really sorry for Seven but laugh Hahahaha.

Thank you for asking XD