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Allen & Tim | The cute friendship |
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More EraserMight please? With DadMight at a parent-teacher conference?

For:  Pairing + AU = Three Sentence Very Short Fic
(You must have liked the way I did it the first time XD Thanks for sending another request haha  I am a sucker for Dadmight.  ;D)

Shouta shuffled his papers, frowning.  His head was pounding after the last hour spent with the Bakugous.  Katsuki’s grades weren’t even that bad, but he and his mother seemed ready to shout for any reason.  Next conference, he’d have to try to get the father.  He seemed calmer.

A knock sounded on the door frame.  “Mr. Aizawa?” a deep voice asked.  Shouta looked up from his papers.  The man in his doorway was huge.  Broad shoulders and a wide chest and a bright grin.  Shouta’s heart beat a little quicker in his chest.  His smile was…  Behind his leg was a familiar mop of dark hair and a wavering smile.

“Hello.  You must be Izuku’s… father?” Shouta asked, raising his eyebrows.  The man laughed, and the sound was booming and joyful.  Izuku’s smile evened out into something a little more sure.

“No, regrettably, but his mother could not be here today.  I’m a close friend of the family.”  The man placed his large hand on Izuku’s head, ruffling his hair.  “Yagi Toshinori.”

“Ah, Mrs. Midoriya warned me that you might be standing in for her.”  Shouta gestured toward the chairs in front of his desk.  “Please, have a seat.”

Izuku kicked his feet as soon as he sat down, looking around nervously.  Yagi sat down, leaning forward.  “How is young Midoriya doing, Mr. Aizawa?”

“His grades are just fine,” Shouta said, glancing over the papers in front of him.  “However, he has been having some trouble with one of his classmates.”

“Kacchan is my friend!” Izuku exclaimed, shooting to his feet.  “H-He doesn’t–It’s not bullying!”

Yagi frowned, looking down at his young charge.  “Young Midoriya, has young Bakugou been giving you a hard time?”

Izuku turned his face away, tears welling up.  Shouta sighed.  This was going to be a long meeting, he could already tell.  When he glanced back at Yagi, he looked like he’d had the same thought.  Still, his expression was one of fond exasperation.  An attractive man with a soft spot for one of his favorite students…

Dangerous thoughts.  He’s your student’s guardian, he thought to himself, in vain.  When Yagi turned the full force of that exasperated grin on him, he knew it was too late.  He supposed there were worse people.


 “Dr. Dorian, I owe you an apology. Obviously I was unclear when I said, ‘Stay in the MRI room with that patient’, it must have sounded like, ‘Leave and do other things’“

-Dr. Kelso [Scrubs]

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Im going to be honest, i usually hate OC X Cannon Character ships, but I find Khadgar X Peregrin so fudging adorable I LOVE IT

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