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First of all congrats congrats ily! You deserve ALL the followers Mel! (And all the Minty!) Fic prompt: my friend can’t stop talking about how they want to set me up with their other friend so we start texting each other and they’re hilarious but shy about meeting and ALSO there’s a cute bike delivery guy who brings my mail at work and winks at me whenever i sign for a package (surprise! they're the same person) AU

ILY ILY!!!! Here’s your fic :) 

“His name’s Monty.”

Miller waited.

And waited.

He gave in. “Uh, okay.” He raised an eyebrow. “And?”

Clarke raised an eyebrow in return. “And what? His name’s Monty. Here’s his number.”

It had been a nice day today– his coworkers weren’t being too big of dicks; it was finally dark past six o’clock; and his beer was good, so instead of falling back on his usual surliness, Miller veered into amusement instead. “You know,” he said, “I had been expecting a more effusive recommendation for this guy than this.”

Clarke rolled her eyes. “Well, I’ve tried that with you before with other guys and you always found some stupid thing about them to talk yourself out of texting them,” she said. “So I’m done doing the hard work for you. Talk to them yourself and figure out why you don’t want to text them.”

“Well, that’s no fun,” Miller complained. “Not to mention complicated.”

Clarke leveled him with a stare that reminded him eerily of Raven. “If you don’t text Monty, you’re missing out,” she said bluntly. “All you need to know is that he’s great and I wouldn’t steer you wrong, okay?”

Miller opened his mouth to respond with something snarky, but then shut it. Well, that was true. Clarke could be an overbearing bitch sometimes, but her heart was in the right place, and even if her own dating life was a complete disaster, she could pretty clearly see other people’s.

“Fine,” he grunted. “Give me his number.”

From Nate (8:10PM)


This is Nate

Clarke’s friend

She gave me your number?

From Monty (8:12PM)


Yeah, she told me she was going to


How are you?

From Nate (8:14PM)



From Monty (8:15PM)



It could be worse, I guess

This could be in PERSON

From Nate (8:16PM)

I’ll be fully honest– when you said that

I cringed

From Monty (8:24PM)

An introvert’s worst nightmare

I get it

This is meeting my social interaction

quota for the evening

So I don’t feel too guilty for sitting in my PJs

And watching Bob’s Burgers on Netflix

From Nate (8:25PM)

Ideal Friday night situation, imo

I love Bob’s Burgers

Did you hear they’re taking that off Netflix?

From Monty (8:26PM)

WHAT? NO!!!!!

What the flying fuck

From Nate (8:27PM)

It’s a fucking tragedy

They’re pulling a bunch of shows

Focusing on original content, I think

Which– if it’s like Sense8, fine

If it’s like Iron Fist, they can go fuck themselves

From Monty (8:28PM)

I have so many opinions

About both those shows

I don’t even know where to start

From Nate (8:29PM)

Lucky for you

I’m also doing nothing

We have all the time in the world

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Happy Halloween

“Could I get a Halloween smut with happy??”

I LOVE THISSSS, thanks!!

Btw, el diablo means The Devil in Spanish. And I know the cop joke and the Irish joke are probably offensive, but they’re supposed to be funny and not meant to be taken seriously.





Waking up you realized it was Halloween, today is one of your favorite days of the entire year. Gemma decided that she was going to throw a Halloween party for the club and their families, not just a regular crow-eater fuck fest. It was going to be fun. Lyla, Tara and you went to the halloween store and found some cute costumes. Lyla had the idea of going as serial killers and you all agreed. Tara was going as the female Freddy Krueger, Lyla was going as the bride of Chucky, and you were going as the female Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. Your costume consisted of the jersey that went right above your knees, some fishnet tights, knee high boot heels, a fake machete and a bloody hockey mask. You wanted your old man Happy to dress up as Jason, but of course he refused, “I’m not into that dress up shit,” you remembered what he said. But Halloween excited you, and you were happy that there was going to be a party.

While getting ready you straightened your hair and added some hair spray to give it a messed up look to add to your outfit. Adding red lipstick to compliment the blood on your outfit and smooth eyeliner to make your eyes look good. Your phone rang only to see Gemma calling, “Hey, Gem, I’m almost ready I’ll be at the clubhouse in a minute. Lyla is helping the kids get ready and she’ll be over in a bit,” “Okay sweetheart, don’t forget the pumpkin bread, and I just need you to help me finish decorating a little when you get here,” Gemma was extremely excited, it’s been awhile since she threw a little holiday party like this since last Thanksgiving.

Heading over to the clubhouse, you grabbed what Gemma needed and made your way to the party. Helping Gemma put everything up, you were excited over Happy seeing your costume.

“Gonna give a Happy a little Halloween head?” Laughing, your face went red, “Gemma!” Lyla laughed, “What? Just giving some old lady hints,” Gemma winked and you continued helping, “I wanted him to dress up, but you know Hap,” they all looked up, “I told Clay if he wanted a little something special after the party that he’d better dress up as the hulk and give me a pounding,” “You got Clay to dress up, and I couldn’t even get Happy to,” Lyla smiled, “Ope is coming as Leatherface, and Jax is coming as Superman,” all of their old man’s dressing up along with their women made you a bit sad. You wanted to be a cute couple with Hap, but of course he refused.

You felt a bit depressed, seeing all of the kids and their parents with all cute costumes was saddening. Watching all of the guys pull in on their bikes in a uniformed line, each of one them was dressed up except for Happy and Chibs, or so you thought. Tig was wearing a pig nose and little ears, “What are you supposed to be, huh, Tigger?” Gemma asked, “I’m a cop,” Tig and Jax both laughed. Jax greeting his family with his costume along with Ope greeting Lyla and the kids, you decided to head back into the bar to help Chucky get ready to serve the bar.

“Hey, Chucky, you need some help?” Walking towards him you saw him look up at you, “Oh yes, that’d be nice, Y/N, just grab the juice from the boxes in the back,” Chucky signaled you to the room, “Okay.” Walking towards the back you saw about six different fruit juices for different drinks then suddenly you felt strong arms slide their way around your body, “Hey, girl,” of course it was Happy. Turning around to see your old man, you saw him with a pair of devil horns on his head. You smiled wide, “You dressed up!” Looking down at you, he pulled you in closely, “They’re suiting,” smiling, you looked up giving him a kiss, “I thought about it, and I liked them, Happy Halloween, babe” he didn’t really smile much, but when he did it made you happy, and he was smiling big right now, “You’re so cute, Happy Halloween, Hap” he didn’t liked to be called cute, but you liked to tease him. “I like your killer get-up, you’re gonna have to do a little job for me later,” winking a bit, he moved his hands to your lower back, “I’m all yours, el diablo,” running your hand over his jeans you went back to gathering the juices for chucky. You saw his jaw clench and you could feel him falling apart.

“Ay, Chucky, gimme another full one of whiskey,” Chibs was Scottish, but he wore an Irish clover on his right cheek, “What are you?” Curiously you asked, “I’m a drunk,” Chibs laughed loudly along with Juice who was dressed up as Batman under his kutte. By this time of the night, the kids were starting to grow tired and the party just started to begin for the adults.

“I think I’m gonna take the boys home,” Tara looked over and saw Abel passed out in Jax’s arms and Thomas half-asleep in Clay’s, “Yeah me too,” Lyla saw her and Opie’s kids piled with each other on the couch all bored and tired, “Do you need a ride?” Layla looked to you, “No, I should stay and help clean with Gemma, I think I’ll stay in Hap’s dorm tonight,” you looked to Hap playing pool with his brothers and with a beer in his hand, “Okay, well thanks for tonight, Y/N, I’ll see you tomorrow,” giving them both hugs, they gathered their kids and went on their way.

The second all of the kids left, the party began to rise, everyone was drinking and you were standing there with Gemma talking about what you both used to do for fun during Halloween, “When I was 13, I took acid and went trick or treating,” Gemma laughed at this memory, “We broke into my neighbor’s yard and destroyed her award winning 200 pound pumpkin,” both of you laughed, “We thought it was the great pumpkin from Charlie Brown, God we were in so much trouble,” you were practically snorting of how hard you and Gemma were laughing. “I better go check on Clay before he gets too hulk smashed.” Gemma liked to make jokes and you loved to hear them.

When Gemma walked away, Happy snuck up from behind you and held you. “I like seeing you in those tights,” turning your head to him, he was staring at your sternly, “I like your horns,” holding you closely, he held your hand and started walking you to his dorm. You knew what was going to happen and he’s been waiting all night.

Shutting the door behind him, Happy pushed you up against the door pressing his body to yours. “I’ve been waiting for you all night,” holding your hands above your head with one hand, Hap started to hold your breast. Happy was always aggressive during sex, and you loved it, but he was always passionate.

Letting go of your hands you cupped his face while he brought you to his bed. You wanted to be more dominant this time so you pushed him down on the bed so he was sitting on the edge. Kneeling down, he lowered his face to kiss you and you rubbed him over his jeans causing him to grow and harden. You unbuttoned his jeans and he lifted himself to slide them down. You spread his knees open slightly to fit yourself between them and grabbed his hard member. Stroking him gently at first and giving him a soft flick of your tongue on the tip.

You wanted to tease so you put the tip in your mouth for a second and then took it out to stroke him. “Fuck,” grabbing a chunk of your hair, you put him all into your mouth and began to suck. Hallowing your cheeks and began to bob your head up and down holding your hair. Watching Hap begin to twitch a bit, you knew he was close. He let go of your hair and lowered himself to kiss you hard. Holding your face you still stroked him as he kissed you. Fighting your tongues over dominance he pulled you on top of him while he laid himself back. “I wanna see you ride me,” Hap was always so straight-forward with you, at first it was a little shocking but you’ve gotten so used to it and surprisingly it turns you on.

Your tights were crotchless and when Hap saw this he knew you wanted this to happen to. Angling yourself over him, you lowered yourself slowly over him. You breathed heavy as you began to rock yourself back and forth over him, perfectly hitting your g-spot. Happy held your hips leaving finger indents on your skin, probably leaving bruises. Slowly rocking yourself back and forth over him, your body looked perfectly like a wave. Happy loved watching you ride him.

“Happy, fuck,” moaning like crazy, you placed your hands on his inked up chest while he stared at your euphoric face while you rode him. “Oh God, baby!” You were getting close. Happy slipped his hands under your jersey that was still on and was groping your breasts twirling your nipples around his rough fingers. “Fuck, girl,” Happy was close too. He pulled you down so you were face to face holding your with his arms by the small of your back and began thrusting himself into you from below. “Fuck!” Moaning again, he held the back of your head so you would be face to face. Happy never had any emotion during sex, all he did was stare in your eyes, it drove you crazy, you loved it.

He was going faster than you could handle, you started to lose control. You couldn’t handle it, “Happy!” At the edge, you felt an electric shock run through your body, and your muscles contract like crazy. Digging your nails into his shoulders you threw your head back.

Picking you up, he placed you on all fours and Hap put himself behind you. Ramming himself inside of you, you breathed heavy. Lowering your back, he grabbed a chunk of your ass in his hand then slapped it causing you to groan a bit. Happy started slow, “Faster, baby,” on your command he sped up, holding your hips he quickened his pace. Digging his fingers into your sides, you turned your head to watch him. His head was thrown back with throaty groans. “Fuck, Y/N, you’re so tight.”

Happy was close, his thrusts grew sloppy and he was groaning more. With the next few thrusts, he came and groaned. Both of you breathing heavy, he laid himself next to you holding you close rubbing his fingers across your face. You noticed he still had his devil horns on and you laughed, “Happy Halloween, Happy,” kissing you, he pulled you closer to sleep.


Happy Halloween!!!

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Bucky x reader

Shout out to @thefandomimagine for letting me write an imagine on her latest Bucky imagine.

Imagine being the person Bucky took the bike from and seeing him later.

“I’m gonna find him and kill him,” you told your bestie on the phone.

“Your over reacting,” she replied.

“He literally took the back from under me,” you exclaimed.

“No I understand that but are you really gonna kill him.” She asked.

“As long as she doesn’t have a scratch he can live,” you said taking a sip of your coffee.

“Well I have to go. Have fun killing,” you best friend said hanging up the phone.

The waitress brought you your food and you grabbed your book from your bag. You were reading your book and looked up at the door every time someone walked in. Then you saw him. You put your book down and got up from your table. You walked over to him and his friend and sat down.

“You,” you said looking at the man with long black hair.

“Excuse me,” he asked looking at his friend.

“You took my bike,” you told him.

He looked at his friend then you then his lap. He looked back at you and gave a sheepish smile.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“If I don’t get her back you will be sorry. And if she has a scratch you better sleep with one eye open,” you said walking away from his table.

You walked back to your table and eyed the bike thief the entire time you were there. When you finished your food, you walked back to the table and sat next to the thief. “Give me your phone,” you ordered. He took his phone out of his pocket and handed it to you confused. You put your number in his phone and texted yourself. “Now you can call me when you have my baby,” you said placing the phone on the table. You got up from the table and walked out of the dinner. Bucky’s pov “I like her,” he said laughing while taking a sip of his coffee. I shook my head at him and sipped my coffee. I picked up my phone and saw her number. ‘The person you stole the bike from aka (y/n)’ was the name she put in my phone.

After lunch Steve and I walked back to the tower. Before we even go into the tower Steve proclaimed that I have found the girl I stole the bike from. “Really, is she cute,” tony asked. “She’s scary,” I told him. “What,” tony questioned. “ he needs to fix that bike fast or she said she would he would be sorry and he better sleep with one eye open,” Steve said slapping my back. “I’m going to the garage,” I said walking past them. I walked into the garage and saw the bike in the center of the room. It looked pretty bad so I get to work on fixing it. ~time skip~ Your POV You couldn’t get that guy out of your head since you saw him last week. You’ve been waiting by your phone since. Not because you wanted him to call you. But you wanted your bike back and to talk to him. “Stop he stole your bike,” you told yourself out loud. “But he is really cute,” you replied to yourself. “Your talking to yourself again,” your bestie said walking into your apartment. “I found the guy who stole my bike,” you told her. “Really,” she asked. “Yes and he is going to call me when he is bringing it to me,” you said laying on the couch.

“So you’re waiting for him to call?” (bff/n) asked. 

“No,” you said in defense. 

The phone started ringing and (bff/n) ran to grab the phone. 

“Is this the cute guy that stole (y/n)’s bike who she can not stop thinking about,” she asked answering the phone.

“Omg I’m going to kill you,” you said tackling her to the ground. 

You sat ontop of her and grabbed the phone from her. 

“Hello (y/n) speaking,” you answered the phone. 

“Hey its james,” someone said threw the phone. 

“who,” you replied. 

“The cute guy that stole your bike,” he started.

“Oh hey,” you said embarressed. 

“Im working on your bike right now. I should be done by tommorrow,” he said. 

“Okay just call me when your done with it,” you told him. 

(bff/n) was making kissy noises while you were talking so you got off her and threw a pillow at her. 

“Bye,” you said hanging up the phone. 

“I am going to kill you,” you said throwing more pilloe at her.

“You already made that threat,” she said sticking out at you. 


You woke up to your phone going off. You shot out of bed and looked at the time on your phone. 6AM. 

“Hello,” you answered groggly. 

“Sorry i woke you but it’s James. I fixed your bike,” james said from the other side of the phone conversation. 

“Ugh its 6 in the morning what did you do work on it all night,” you asked sarcastically.

“Yes,” he replied with a serious tone. 

“O my goodness james. Why,” you asked finally waking up. 

“It was the least i could do,” he yawned. 

“Get some sleep and call me when you wake up,” you ordered. 

“I can’t sleep until i give you your bike. Can you meet me at Avengers Tower,” he asked groggily. 

“Yea and i’ll bring coffee,”you said hanging up. 

You got out of bed and threw on a pair of sweats and some old sweatshirt. 

“Where are you going this early in the morning,” (bff/n) questioned you as she drank her morning coffee. 

“James called me and has my bike ready,” you replied streching. 

“Okay have fun,” she told you as you grabbed your coat.. 

You walked out of your apartment and hailed a cab once you got outside. 

“Where to,” the cabbie asked. 

“Any coffee house,” you told him. 

He started the cab and drove you to the coffee house two miles away. 

“Can you wait her for me please,” you asked the cabbie.

“Sure thing ma’am,” he replied. 

You got out of the cab and walked into the coffee house. The barista greeted you as you walked in and asked you what you wanted to order. You orderedd two coffees and two large scones. Once you got what you ordered, you walked back the cab and told the driver you wanted to go to Avengers Tower. 

“Here and thanks,” you said handing the cabbie money. 

You walked to the front door and knocked. 

“Good morning miss how may i help you,” a voice said. 

“I am here to see james,” you told the voice. 

“Ah yes mr. Barnes has been expecting you,” the voice replied opening the front door.

You walked in and saw James sitting against the wall. You walked over to him and sat next to him. You opened one of the cups of coffee and put it by his face. He inhaled and opened his eyes. 

“Thanks,” he said taking the coffee from you. 

You two just sat there and drank the coffee, James took the scone you offered him and thanked you again. 

“So you fixed my bike,” you asked yawning. 

“Yea, its good as new,” he replied yawning. 

You placed your hand on his shoulder and yawned again. 

“Good now i don’t have to hurt you,” you said falling asleep.