And I know I can’t even think right now
And advice is something I can live without


Uh a quick, cute Hide?¿ @_@ ~

(uff, I REALLY wanna know where you are… and if you will surprise all of us…)

i told him he was beautiful- in ways i couldn’t describe. beautiful inside and out. i told him his heart was pure and his touch was soft and the love i felt for him consumed me. he leant over me, switched on his bed side light and in his twilight room, he said, “ i’m sorry, i’ve just been imaging you saying that over and over for so long and to hear you say it is fucking amazing”. he kissed me and laid his head back next to mine on the pillows of his twilight room

Fall ~


And here is the finished result :) because I like to help and things, I would say if ya wanna know something from me (about my art, if you need tips or something) you can write me :D I will be gladly try answer everything ^_^~