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Hullo! :) I was just wondering if you happen to have read any fics where taekook meet each other as kindergarteners/kids/teenagers? Thank you! :D

Taekook as childhood bestfriends is my weakness. 

Dating for Dummies In which Twitter is evil, Jeon Jeongguk is a bit tsundere, Park Jimin is satan and Kim Taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

(Possibly one of my favourite fics ;;__;; sit back, relax and enjoy marvelling at Jeongguk’s idiocy)

Merry Christmas, Darling When Jeongguk draws Taehyung’s (aka the love of his life’s) name in their school’s secret santa, he vows to be the cutest goddamn secret santa this world has ever seen.

(//clutches chest// this is seriously so cute, Gukkie reallllyyy loves Tae)

Ripped Jeans and Velvet Skin Taehyung gets a new tattoo just above his heart, and it’s a small star in black ink. "I got it for you, you know that, don’t you?“ Taehyung asks Jeongguk as he traces his fingertips across his skin.

(10/10 would recommend to a friend, I am so weak for pierced and tatted Tae)

It’s You and Me, I Know (I Know It’s My Destiny) Where seven-year-old Jungkook meets nine-year-old Taehyung on a Halloween evening and Taehyung is a beautiful human being who looks like he’s golden in the afternoons and laughs like he’s got the world’s secret painted at the back of his hand.

(they meet as kids and the story follows them through primary and highschool. this is seriously too cute.)

Dandelion Do (Not) Grant Wishes “You’ll give me that much, won’t you, fluffy flower?” 

I hope you have fun with these anonnie!

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