cute grin

underaprecciated boy aesthetic: sleepy boys. boys who wear baggy sweatpants everywhere and have those cute tired grins. boys who yawn and stretch n u can see a bit of their tummy under their shirt and lean and slump on every available surface (esp when the surface is u). boys who’s clothes r always soft because their pajamas and regular wardrobe are one and the same and have bags under their eyes and messy hair 24/7


Imagine Remus sitting next to you in class and waking you up when you fell asleep because you were so tired.
He’d giggle a bit, poke you and then wave at you with a grin when you sleepyly open your eyes.
“Hey, Y/n. Good morning, there”

Brain why dyou keep bothering me
  • Me: *taking a shower*
  • Brain: Psst... hey
  • Me: jfc what now
  • Brain: Yurio accidentally calling Yuuri and Victor mom and dad

general hercules mulligan headcanons:

  • he never ever takes his beanie off. 
    • ever
    • (unless you are a very special person)
    • lafayette and john stole it for a day and hercules took the day off to find it.
      • he found it and didn’t talk to laf or john for a week
  • he is great at stitches 
  • he also is great at knitting
    • he made his beanie
    • it was the first thing he ever knitted so he has a strong attachment to it 
    • it’s his way of remembering where he started and where he is now
  • he is a teddy bear
  • he is a great hugger and just kinda envelopes your whole body like he is gonna keep you safe
    • this also makes him a great cuddler and anyone who has cuddled with him can confirm that he is the best cuddler
  • he is a champion arm wrestler!! 
  • he is annoyingly good at pool and always manages to completely demolish whoever he is playing against
    • but whenever he wins he gets this cute grin on his face
    • nobody can stay mad at him
  • he is very gentle with people he cares about
  • he is really really good at arm wrestling like he is the best at arm wrestling and he has never lost to anyone

i love android but i hate using emojis on android because you never know when the emoji you choose will have a wildly different connotation in iphone land

like here i was trying to grin cutely but no

anonymous asked:

I mean, if nobody else has put a request in, I would like to hear more on what you would write for the werewolf au. With or without xReader. Up to you. I just like the way you talked about them in the bulleted list you made (low-key SUPER down with an overly nuzzling Anti).

On what I would write for this AU? Several things honestly. Another list for you, since I’m better at organizing ideas like this. I might even come and refer back to this later in case I’m hit with the urge to write something for this AU without prompts.

  • Wolf fights. Let’s face it, the two are very aggressive towards each other. Anti always goes for the neck, as most wolves do, but Dark tries to cripple his enemies first. Anti’s too fast, and Dark’s too cautious, so the fights mainly result in no winners, just blood spilled and new scars on the both of them.
  • Nights with Dark or Anti. Honestly, this could go with reader or without.
  • Anti’s typical nights are just stalking around for prey. He loves the idea of chasing something down and killing it, but he’s a bit more reckless. The chase is his favorite part. He also likes picking fights with Dark for the hell of it.
  • Dark’s nights are hunting out of necessity. He’s a careful hunter. But after he’s gotten what he needed, he just makes sure that nothing is in his territory that it shouldn’t be. Anti, for example.
  • Anti’s night with the reader is him begging them to go hunting with him. He loves showing his power, even if he doesn’t always catch what he runs after. It’s high energy and he likes to wind down with shows of affection. More than once he’s probably tried to bite the reader. Not like in an affectionate way, but in an instinctive way. He’s bad at controlling impulses like that.
  • Dark spends his time with the reader under soft moonlight. It’s mainly talking and just spending what he considers “quality time” with them. Walking in the forest. It’s ominous, of course, but he’s more than glad to tell you that he’ll protect you. But he’s a bit scary himself. He’s got a mouth of sharp teeth that could probably rend the flesh from your bones in an instant, so you’re sort of walking on eggshells, but you try not to let it show. He’s more controlling over his instincts.

I could write on any of these if I find the time to do so. It would be fun to go into more detail, I think!


My brilliant fiance, this man of talent, Dustin Lance Black 💖

Yurio’s accusing reaction towards Yuuri in ep 2 finally makes sense.

I cannot believe that Yuuri was the one who put the idea of coaching into Viktor’s head!

And shit, after those seductive moves in the dance-off, Viktor was absolutely smitten, all he could do was blush at this hip-rolling, grinding monster of cute (that grin, that tie!) that was Yuuri Katsuki and think ‘wow yeah okay’. This last shot of Viktor blushing… now we know why he was so handsy with Yuuri right from the start. It must have been mostly in response to how Yuuri behaved with him!

Real Talk: A Ticklee Confession

I know I’m always in denial.
I know I dodge “where are you ticklish” questions with the quickness of lightning.
I know, I know. Y'all can give me shit later for my hypocrisy. But listen…

Am I the only one who takes “you’re so ticklish” as a compliment?? It’s just so cute to be told 😭
Like, okay, in real life when someone points out my level of ticklishness, my words might be nothing but denial, but it just makes me all smiley and gushy for the rest of the night 😂

I’m not alone on this am I??