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If Dracula were airing now do you think it would have made a difference in the ratings? I can't help but think that even if the show wasn't as good or for everyone we had a canon baby lesbian character, a vampire lesbian character in victorian era with amazing potential. A blond and a brunette. A wlw ship with big support from the actresses. They were a really close and cute cast and between Greyson, Harker and Lucy they all were rooting for Lucy. Maybe the great gay migration would have helped?

Hey there!

That’s an interesting question. I’ve been asked before about my thoughts of still having Dracula. The cast was great and even if the show wasn’t the greatest, it still was beautiful in my opinion. And you all know about my love for Lucy, Westenray and Katie and Jessica. I still question what direction the story could have gone in after all this time, but I’m also not the most creative person in the room, so who am I to question? 

As far as the gay migration, we’ve seen shows that have done quite well but we’ve also lost fantastic shows and characters regardless, so it is hard to say. The optimist in me would like to say yes, it would have helped. But who knows? At least we an say that Westenray is still in our hearts, and as we have recently seen, the hearts of Katie and Jessica as well! 💗💗