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The 34-year-old Rinne has been housing the 21-year-old Saros, who was recalled by the Predators from Milwaukee just over a week ago and doesn’t have a permanent place to live in Nashville. 
“Pekka has taken great care of me,” Saros said. “He didn’t have to do that, but it just shows what a great guy he is.”
Adds Rinne: “He’s a great kid. We’ve become really good friends off the ice, and we spend a lot of time together. It’s fun to have him around.”
So just what do a couple of Finnish goalie roommates do with their free time?
Rinne is an avid outdoorsman, one who regularly makes offseason fishing trips to the far northern reaches of Scandinavia. So he’s been working on getting Saros closer to Nashville nature, taking him on hiking trips to Radnor Lake and Percy Warner Park.
“I’m not sure he’s a big outdoors guy quite yet,” Rinne said with a smile. “Even when we go to the parks here, he’s walking around in his jeans and his Converse.”
The two do have at least a couple of things in common off the ice.
One is watching Finnish television, which, thanks to today’s technology, the two can stream through Apple TV.
The other is Rinne’s cooking, as the veteran netminder is apparently as comfortable in the heat of the kitchen as he is on the cool of the ice. Rinne’s specialties are lamb chops - served with a side of couscous (and plenty of spices) - and Thai food, featuring beef tenderloin, a red curry sauce and rice.
“That’s one of Juuse’s favorites,” Rinne said.
Added Saros: “Pretty much anything he does is good. He has a lot of skills in the kitchen. I think he should write a cooking book.”

20 Questions with Braden Holtby 

 How can anyone not love him?! He’s adorable. And sexy af I mean:

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The Bus Accident

@sadghostfish asked:
I have a new headcanon, if you’d like to hear it. hc: chowder is great in crises/emergencies well once he gets past the initial panic of the situation. Like He is the person you want there during an emergency. How the team or specific characters find this out is totally up to you. (Feel free to ignore this I just wanted to share this with someone)


•So our sweet baby son chowder maybe a cute little ball of goalie sunshine, but Christopher Chow handles his business.
•he knows first aid, cpr, the heimlick, etc.
•his friend almost died in a tragic car accident when chowder was little, and if it weren’t for the EMTs quick action his friend wouldn’t be here today
•Chowder was inspired and 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and a shit ton of certification classes later chowder is capable of saving everyone’s life
•But no one knows this until on the way back from an away game one night
•the bus driver falls asleep and crashes into a tree. There’s glass, LOTS of glass. Cuts bruises a little blood. Nothing Chowder can’t handle.
•So our son gets to work, using the tweezers, anti bacterial spray, and band aids out the buses first aid kit to patch up the bros cut by glass, gives the frogs mini ice packs for the bruises.
•He puts r&h on clean duty to try and sweep out all the shattered glass so no one gets hurt for a second time, and orders bitty to call the police and report the accident.
•Chowders calm demeanor and swift instructions kept everyone even the coaches from panicking.
•And now every time something slightly life threatening happens in the haus they call Chowder for help because he always knows what to do in time of a kinda crisis. He’s the most useful at kegsters. He keeps hundreds of college students from getting alcohol poisoning (he patrols more than parties tbh)
•And now the new frogs call Chowder Doc Chow just to make him smile