cute girlllll


*fourth time trying to repost this. FOURTH FREAKING TIME, TUMBLR*


Okay, Alex. This is the email that I told you about. I send it to them because I found their e-mail online and just mailed them thinking that they would read it, after this I asked you how to submit stuff to them because I was like, “wait, this isn’t the way to do it…” So yeaaah. I know it’s probably really cringe-worthy, but I was so pumped because I actually thought that they would get it and mention you and yadda yadda yadda. bUT. I still haVEN’T GIVEN UP! >;D I found their Twitter while browsing Tumblr and filled out all their forms and all I requested those 3 times were foR THEM TO MENTION YOU LOLOLOL I SOUND SO DESPERATE. I’m so ready though, I’m making a twitter account right now because last night the network was pooP and wouldn’t let me. AND THEN WHEN THEY ANNOUNCE WHEN TO SEND IN THINGS, WE’LL ALL BE LIKE “OH EVERYONE SAY I LOVE YOU ALEX” OR SOME CUTE AF SHIT AND GIRLLLLL YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE. ALEX, FIGHTING!!