cute girl quotes

They’re the diner you look up when you’re hungry and out of town, but I’m the home cooked meal.

They’re like that roller coaster at an amusement park you go to once a year, but I am the swing set down the street from your childhood home.

They’re like sleeping at the beach with a stranger and I am sleeping next to the fireplace while the Christmas lights sparkle in the room.

They’re the same old hike you’ve been doing since you were 12 and I’m the one who turns off a random road and holds you off the edge so you know what safety feels like as you fall.

Don’t you get it baby?

They’re like a pit stop on a summer road trip and I am an adventure home.

With tears of pastel pink
in an idle town under a black sky
She found herself married to her demons,
and covered her sadness the same way one
might cover tired eyes.
Pretending the dream is still alive,
she keeps staring at the clock trying to pass time.
Now her throat burns and her eyes sting
because she can’t figure out what she’s missing.
Mascara rain replaces bright eyes,
and the roses only scratched her fingers,
because she was too naïve to know better.
And when she blows out her baby blue candles
she wishes to be naïve again;
to be ignorant to the world she had to meet under
unfortunate circumstances.
A tragedy that doesn't belong to her,
or one she denies the possession of,
she still swears to love a sunset and the stars above the day,
and she’ll tell you the reason she sits so still is
because she’s hoping you’ll stay.

holding up the status quo instead of showing your kids that they matter🌈

Girl, get out of that small, suffocating town
and never look back.
Trust me, the memories will haunt you there.
Oh look, where we first made out in his rusty blue pick-up truck
went apple picking after hours, running around like goons
his friends house, where we went far because we loved each other intensely and purely, like a child loves its mother

I couldn’t get out. But i hope you can.

—  S.E.

i can gladly say this is the best movie ive ever watched with your name being second on my list 

if you havent seen this then you should be watching it now, the story is better than any anime and it has a ton of feels T^T

movie: koe no katachi