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question for u: do u have any ocs girls? i like all of ur ocs, i rly do! i've just noticed all of them boys (like, noah + robin. ur wolf boys. and ur mermaid boys). so like, do u have any girls? some badass girls maybe? just askin' cause i'm curious. thanks for answer in advance & take care <3 (hope i didn't stress u too much w my question).

ohh yes i do <3 i have many lovely girls and some nonbinary characters, too. the OCs i am currently drawing are very very few of the actual OC army i have. but i have no idea when i should draw them, i’m using all my time for current project/s

let me go look for old drawings of some of my favorite girls

Jidal, Ceres, and Vega. they’re dragons from my cancelled comic Fire and Stardust. Jidal is only 14 and is much tougher than she looks, she’s a healer / doctor. Ceres and Vega are in their twenties! and they’re lovers ~ Ceres speciality is sewing clothes, armour, tents and creating tools for the group. Vega is a hunter and defender (uhm, she protects the group from human hunters basically, together with some of the dragon boys). just a little insight on them

Leiyana is a space princess. she lives on a water planet, and she’s a key element on winning or not winning a space war. and she does so with breaking the rules and singing to gods (huge whale like creatures), who in return produce energy with their voices… etc etc wow

Morgenstern. she only talks in rhymes. she’s a princess, too, but she’s very calm and not interested in leading or fighting. she has a little brother she loves dearly and would do everything to protect him, though. also she’s totally grabbing her boob in that first drawing, well done past self

i have many more, but i’m going to end it with those two babies. Vivian and Juno. THEY’RE PART OF GHOST LIGHTS! they’re lovers 💘 and they’re Noah’s close friends. please look forward to meeting them soon (i changed their designs a little bit in the meantime tho)