cute girl crying

Cute Date Ideas

Going to the library

Making a pillow fort

Watching dumb movies

Going to the park

Binge watching a show

Walking around a flea market

Sacrificing each other to satan

Midnight McDonald’s run

Singing along to cliche songs

Exploring a forest

Driving without a destination

Sleeping under the stars



pros of being a green witch:

• u own at least 1 brightly colored succulent (they are a delight)
• so many herbal books with detailed descriptions of plants
• that really obscure herb u need to cook with? You already probably have it
• 100+ types of herbs everywhere
• literally every type of tea known to man is in the pantry
• cute plants everywhere
• grimoire is easier to hide if u need to because it looks like ur just really into plants
• Easy to say ur just trying to live more natural if ur related to religious people and they think ur weird for having so many plants and herbs and other stuff laying around


• when u grow too many plants and when it gets too hard to keep up with every plant and one of them dies u will Cry