cute furry

So I had the wonderful pleasure of drawing and chatting with @toobusybeingfat in drawpile last night and I must say it was a blast to hang with him! I doodled one of his characters (voodoo blue) and in exchange he drew me a very cute Emory!!!! My drawings are the two ones on the right and he drew the two very cute ones on the left! Like seriously, come on look at that zero he is so cute


Mailmans doing commissions!!!
This will be my first time doing commissions, so the prices will be extra low! I do both digital and traditional!

Chibi, full color- $1
Bust, full color- $1
¾ body, full color- $2
+ background - $3 extra

What I won’t draw-
Under aged NSFW

Please message me at @mailmandraws or my main account @asktheglitch if you are interested!
I only accept payment though pay pal♡

Thank you so much!!

Surprise sits - by mirikun

hehe did I ever tell you how soft you are!!!!! Also did you know your eyes are so beautiful and pretty!!!! 💙💚💛💜💓💗💘💝💖💏