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Cosmos - 8B00-0039-FA9D


This town was so freaking adorable. My secondary character Yin went to the town and I really liked how she was able to walk around in between trees and not be constantly stuck in some spot or have to backtrack to a main path a lot. I like more open towns where you can wander on and off the paths and this one delivered really well in that regard. 

The fireplace being placed in the middle of the room actually gave me a really nice idea for one of the houses in my town. Yin looks rather evil in the shot with the light bulb above her head as if she’s plotting something sinister. 

That. Freaking. Bathroom. …..(loved it)

I’m guessing due to the hacks made in the town the bridge was able to be placed horizontally and holy crap did it make that little area look amazing. Yin played a lot in that area. I think it’s one of the better picturesque areas of the town.

The beach was also really well done. I normally skip beaches in towns, but this one was very nice and fun to be on. I actually went to the beach first and spent a fair amount of time there. 

I honestly think this is the first town I’ve visited that’s made me *almost* wish I could do hacks. But I am lazy and and know I never will, but it’s rather impressive that town made me want to consider it. Usually I just admire what hacks have been done and that’s that. 

All in all it was beautiful and fun and it played 6 am music, which is the best. 

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6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations!

i have A LOT of favourite artists,many of them online ofc. naming a few that’s on top the of my head: @princecanary @vimeddiart @hootsweets @casshitart @theplasmabox @kimidilois @lazierthanyou @ikimaru @rboz @sounflee @cyarindraws @kada-bura @p0werbottomsuperman @miyajimamizy @geheichous


12. draw one of your favorite characters in 15 seconds.

i feel sorry for myself for this one

14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

before obsessing over halbarry like a maniac, i used to draw a heck of a lot of munakata reisi (k project) and levi ( shingeki no kyojin) aka my fabulous anime husbando [also my ocs haha]

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Jonas and Mitch having a night in and playing video games. They are playing like Mario Kart or Smash and Mitch really sucks at all of them but he doesn't care because Jonas is so freaking cute when he wins so Mitch just takes it graciously to hear Jonas' cute little giggles or cheers of triumph. Mitch gives celebratory kisses every time Jonas wins so Jonas keeps wanting to win. So they are both quite happy with this date...

GGHGH THIS IS SO SO CUTE!! I want them to have cute comfortable video game dates….. Mitch would let him win…… ghgh THEYRE THE BEST


Would u guys wanna hear about these three aus I have that I came up with today???

•wedding au in which Laurent teams up (begrudgingly) with nikandros in order to stop his (since childhood) crush Damen from marrying Jokaste

•A bar au in which Laurent gets a job as a bartender and he meets Damen and it’s basically just flipping thru moments in their relationship from the bar (it’s kinda angsty but cute?)

•Freak Friday au where Auguste is getting married and Damen’s family have been close and known the DeVere family forever but Damen and Laurent keep fighting so ~magic~ and they switch bodies and only selfless love can change them back

//draws at like 1am
//accidentally deletes it
//redraws really quick and slaps bad shading on

I’m not the best artist, and rarely am I confident enough to put stuff online, but. the new chapter of “A Cheap Imitation” was such a thrill that I had to do SOMETHING,,, but I’m too embarrassed to submit it to spoontasti SO. lmao this is so ooc (for them and for the scene in ACI ooPS)


and I HAVE to tag @spoontasti in this because I am positive that she wILL LOVE IT


Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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