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Happy Royal Gathering on the occasion of the wedding of Princess Zita and Archduke Charles, 21 October 1911.

The Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria beside Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony mother’s of the groom, received flowers his nephew the Archduke Franz Ferdinand is seen gently taking the bouquet away.The beautiful Archduchess Marie Valerie all smiley in the first gif. Then Franz Ferdinand is seen chatting and laughing with a blushing lady.

Unfortunately Franz Ferdinand’s wife Sophie the Duchess of Hohenberg is not fully seen in the footage, the spectator can only see a glimpse of her smiling broadly.

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She is a living fire, such as I have never seen; incidentally, a fire that, despite everything, burns only for him. At the same time she is extremely tender, brave, intelligent, and sacrifices everything, or if you prefer, acquires everything by sacrifice.
—  Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena