cute flash drive

Unconventional Book of Shadows:

📷 A photo album full of photos of your altar, spells tarot readings and little notecards with spells, rituals, tarot spread and correspondences written on them. You could also write your spells, rituals and spreads on the back of the photos. You could even fill some of the pages with glitter, dried or pressed flowers / herbs.

📒 A 3 ring binder (or a folder) full of scrap paper with notes, spells and information. 

🃏 Trading card sleeves with note cards, photos and dried herbs and flower (and even dirt, glitter and other spell ingredients in them) buy the sleeve pages and put them in your binder.

📇 A rolodex full of spells, rituals and information.

💽 USB drive, digital folder or a disk. Get a cute USB flash drive and wear as a necklace, so you always have your BoS on hand.

🗃️ Small box full of supplies and scrap paper with spells and information scribbled on them. You could even buy battery operated fairy lights to decorate the outside of the box (or the inside of the box).