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that simon pushing jace up a wall makes me feel a type of way. i'm gonna be sad if they don't include the scene where simon bites jace (but it's how he became a daylighter so they have to include it)

yeah I hope they include that scene because Jace straight up says he’d die for Simon afterwards like these are my sons right here and i just need a few jimon scenes in later seasons

For real, I wonder if my depressive issues are why I like Floweypot stuff more than Asriel being brought back outright? Pretty weird leap in topics yeah, sorry. But like I see a lot of people who revive Asriel kinda just revert him back to being the same little cinnamon bun he was before becoming Flowey, which I get and understand the appeal of because sometimes in fiction you just want happy fluff, but I feel like Floweypot stuff tends to be a bit better with bringing up that he’s an unwell child (since a big theme with Floweypot, when not for comedy, is helping him learn to love again or at least better cope with emotions or lack thereof, in a way that isn’t destructive) and I can sort of read it in a way that echoes mental health recovery stuff. Or at the least, I can appreciate depiction of this lonely traumatized kid still being loved despite everything and having people that want to help him.