cute ferris wheel

Imagine your favorite character taking you to a carnival. They win you various prizes (or you win prizes for them) and you ride the merry-go-round before going to see a magic show.

You spend almost the whole day at the carnival, and at night your favorite character takes your hand and starts leading you somewhere. When you ask where they’re taking you, they tell you it’s a secret.

In the end, the two of you wind up riding a Ferris wheel under the stars. You can see the carnival all lit up, and there are fireworks in the sky. The Ferris wheel comes to a halt when you are at the very top, and your favorite character is staring at you, their face looking red.

“Can I kiss you?” They ask shyly.

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meow~! if the rfa+saeran went on a festival/arcade/amusement park date with mc and tried to win a stuffed animal for her, what would they get her? and whys? if you feel up to it, you could also write parts of the date? whatever you feel like!! just interested in what you come up with :3

(≧▽≦) I love arcades! I just went to one Friday! Meownon seems to know what I like!
Saeran’s might be a little self indulgent tho…

-You guys would definitely go to an arcade
-You had a favorite music game at a nearby one, and he loved playing Mario Kart with you
-Of course the two of you would play ticket winning games!!
-Through out the arcade there was prizes hanging around, and he quietly kept note of what you kept staring up at
-When your cards ran out of money, the two of you would go to the prize counter and he’d make a big show of figuring out what he wanted
-But when he saw you glance up at that cute frog plush again, he’d whisper to the cashier to combine the cards
-“Oh look, Mc! You do have enough for that!”
-He’d just beam as you squealed and hugged him

-Of course he took you to an amusement park
-It made for great selfies and for cute cuddles on the ferris wheel
-Of course, of COURSE, he had to show off with the test of strength game
-You begged to go first though. You wanted to show off too!
-Unfortunately, that didn’t work too long
-You accidentally bashed your knee with the handle of the hammer
-After Zen making sure you were okay, he went ahead after you
-Of course that fucker hit the bell
-After looking at the prizes, he got you a cute fluffy brown dog plush that reminded him of your family’s dog
-(Yes there were cute cat ones, and yes he pretended to ignore them.)

-He took you to an arcade as well!
-He loves trying to figure out the tricks to the machines
-After lots of teasing over who is better at DDR, you two finally play non-dancing games for a while
-Eventually the two of you split up and play a few solo games
-After he tries winning (and failing) at the Deal/No Deal games, he looks around for you and finds you trying to get a cute puppy with a heart hanging from it’s mouth from a claw machine
-He’d pop up beside you as you lost and go into a speel about how they’re rigged
-But as you left to play something else, guess who got the puppy in one try?
-He popped up with it and laughed when you hugged it and then squeezed him as tight as possible

-She never really had time to go to nearby festivals, but after opening up the cafe with her she was slowly able to start enjoying these types of things more
-There wasn’t much to do, besides just enjoy some sweets and a few stalls
-Maybe watch the fireworks
-There were a few stalls meant towards kids, such as fun little games to win prizes
-Each time you passed a certain one she saw you eye one of the prizes
-After the third time she went over to the booth and paid to play
-It was a simple guessing game- How many items are in the jar!
-After giving it a good stare down, she guessed it right on the first try
-(jfc Jaehee)
-She didn’t think it was too amazing, just some math, but how tight you hugged her when she picked the bunny for you make her blush and laugh a little

-This man had never went to an amusement park, and you were damn well going to change that
-Thankfully, he didn’t mind going to the more expensive ones….Especially one that may have had a special cat theme…
-That was the only way you got him to go, and you had to force him not to bring Elizabeth 3rd
-He was. Almost emotionless on the rides….Except when you two got off a few intense ones, his legs would be a little wobbly. (Baby…)
-So the two of you settled on prize games
-He watched you stare up at a cute sailor cat at the balloon popping game, and by sheer luck he managed to pop enough balloons for it
-(They weren’t the ones he was aiming for, but hey, whatever works)
-He didn’t understand why you were so happy when he could have bought one for you, but he wasn’t complaining about the hug and permanent arm hold he got

-He wasn’t used to fairs at all, but he saw how you lit up when seeing the flier and immediately decided to ignore his uneasiness to make you happy
-The two of you went at night. It was more comfortable for him, and the lights were easier to see
-As the two of you walked the whole thing a third time, he tugged on your sleeve and said he found a game he wanted to play
-You followed him along and watched him pay and get ready to play a shooting game
-He had to shoot the star perfectly clean. Something pretty hard!
-Of course he’d cheat the game because he was too damn good with a fucking gun
-The punk won the biggest prize!
-Without thinking twice, he got the big green alien prize, and immediately handed it to you
-You nearly cried you were so happy (He was Not expecting that), and you gave him such a big kiss
-A few days later, he got kinda jealous that the alien was getting more snuggles than him

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Low key just want to kiss a girl on top of a Ferris wheel
—  thoughts when the Fair is in town and something I’m patiently waiting to do leighannelovestolaugh