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Dear Markiplier

In more ways than one, you have definitely changed my life, and I can’t thank you enough.

I discovered your channel well over a year ago, I was watching something on Disney XD and there was a commercial for Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything with Markiplier as a special guest. I had heard of this Markiplier before and I knew he was on YouTube, but I had no idea he was a gamer, so shortly after I checked out your channel. I started out by watching your Super Mario Maker series because I’m a huge Nintendo fan and didn’t really care much for other games. After watching more of your videos, I immediately became hooked.

I didn’t really join the community until the November Charity live stream, it was honestly the best day of my life and I stayed up all the way until 1 in the morning just to watch the stream till the very end. I wanted to contribute more to the community, but I didn’t really know how since my drawings suck and I didn’t know how to make gifs or do really amazing edits. Not only that, but I was extremely shy, so I was always anxious when talking to a new person in the community. Up until that point, especially all throughout 2016, I felt like I didn’t really belong anywhere and it took huge tolls on me repeatedly, but ever since I discovered such an amazing community, I’ve felt that I belonged somewhere. I’ve been trying to talk more with others, even if its just a reply to their post, in hopes to brighten someone’s day. And ever since watching that first stream, I’ve made sure to watch each one after that (excited for the April charity stream!).

After becoming more involved in the channel and the community, I’ve become such an optimistic person. It was at the end of November 2016 when life really started to shit out on me. My partner at the time and I broke up (who was also my best friend prior to us going out) and I felt overwhelming loneliness that I still feel every now and then to this day, I had to unofficially drop out of college because I couldn’t control my anxiety, and I remained stuck at home for the next 5 months because I was too scared and anxious to leave the house. That brings us to my current situation, still stuck indoors, but thankfully things should be changing soon since I should be going to counseling within the next few days.

Through all of these bad and emotional times, not once did I give up. Because I knew, despite being in a shitty place of my life right now, things will get better in the future. And its thanks to you as well as the community that I’ve been able to keep going, because you taught me that life is worth living. And I’ve believed it ever since, and even though I’ve gotten into such low points where I want to give up, I don’t. Because I know life will get better in the future. And I’m really excited for it.

Mark, thank you for being the amazing person that you are, continue to spread positivity like you always do, because it truly does make a difference.

I’m sorry this turned out so long, I tend to overshare no matter what the topic is. If you read this far, thank you. It truly means a lot to me.

Keep doing you, Mark
- Kelly


I was going to draw cute sexy times to lift spirits but i thought abt namjin and sugamon in this au and i just ended up watering my succulents w my tears again


I’ve been trying to figure out why the teller that works at my bank branch closest to my job looks so familiar… I went in last week and he was so super nice and I kept thinking, “do I know him? He looks so familiar,” and today I went in there again and he waited on me and recognized me and halfway through our greeting it hit me smack dab in the face that HE LOOKS LIKE ANTHONY MACKIE COMPLETE WITH ADORABLE TOOTH GAP AND EVERYTHING and now my horrible day is ten times better because the next time I go in there all I’ll be able to think about is how Falcon is handing me crisp twenty dollar bills…


These are my two little sleepers. They love to nap on me at the most inconvenient times but it’s okay because they’re adorable. Their names are Fred and Ziva :)


they look so blissed out and relaxed and just generally happy it makes my heart smile  ❤ ❤ ❤ thank you for sharing them with me and my followers who probably ( hopefully) love cats as much as I do and will appreciate their sleepy faces  ❤