cute face i have

What was that? Did you want me to post one of the forever-inconsistent portraits of my hot babes? Alright sure, why not.

Edit: I actually kind of want to see people color this. If you’re up for it, go ahead!!

Half a birthday present for @irrevocably-delicious and half self indulgent fanart. Thats right! I took some time off drawing ice skating boys to draw some ice skating boys.

Sorry I was a little late my dude, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Andy BTS of 5x15 (ง •̀_•́)ง


cosima + smiles

happy birthday, @starconfetti!


It doesn’t matter if it’s just a stuffed animal, a banner or anything else. Do not throw anything on them. It’s understandable that you want them to find and play with your stuff but don’t aim at them. Throw them on stage when no one is around.
Chanyeol might have brushed it off today and acted all cute, but you don’t know what might happen in the future. Someone might get hurt so please stop aiming the idols/ throwing stuff on stage.

one of the anons said angel Ethan would have healing powers and someone else asked why i dont draw more tythan if i like it, so heRE YA GO. Tyler constantly getting himself injured and roughousing because Angel Ethan is always so touchy and close when hes healing someone. 

Bonus, Mark finds out, and like everything, is a dick about it:

Im really really sorry if I’m mischaracterizing your au, @crankxplier but I hope you still like it!!!