20 guys with cute eyes

Here is my list of 20 guys with cute eyes. You can like some of them, you can like half of them or you can like none of them. This is just my opinion it doesn’t have to be yours.

1) Jensen Ackles

oh lawd those eyes

2) Chris Pine

they melt me

3) Zac Efron

I’m melting

4) Kevin McHale

5) Misha Collins

6) Tom Hiddleston

7) Dylan O'brien

8) Chris Evans

9) Jake Gyllenhaal

10) Matt Bomer

11) Tom Felton

12) Tyler Hoechlin

13) Ryan Gosling

14) Ian Somerhalder

15) Chace Crawford

16) Jared Leto

17) James McAvoy

18) Logan Lerman

19) Benedict Cumberbatch

20) Colton Haynes