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Um, I would love to see some sleeping with s/o head cannons for Tenya, Katsuki, and Hitoshi! (I found your blog quite recently and am in love with it!! Thank you for this!! Gosh!!)

Im sure M is happy to hear that but so am I, thank you, dear ! 
You didnt mention nsfw so I thought of sleeping hcs with s/o. 

Sleeping headcanons with s/o for three boys

Iida Tenya

•  Big spoon boy, loves to have his arms around his s/o while sleeping because he loves physical contact in private and wants to be as close to them as possible so that they would also feel safe beside him

•  doesnt turn a lot when he sleeps especially when they are by his side but sometimes they may catch him lying on his stomache, his head peacefully to the side and light snoring coming through his soft breathings 

•  Iida is a heavy sleeper because in all honesty, he holds his daily routines and schedules very dear. Everything has to be on point, in time with his plan so ofc he ends up mostly exhausted at the end of the day

•  Regular 7 -8hours of sleep so his s/o has to bear with it if they not up to it which ends up in him rising and shining in the morning early as well

Bakugou Katsuki

•  Even when he sleeps he has to have the upper hand (how? Idk he just does) and lazily drapes his leg or arm over their body somehow which sometimes can be suffocating for his s/o due to the weight but im sure they can handle lmao

•  then he’ll turn constantly, his s/o can feel him shifting a lot and ends up wondering if he really is a sleep but his quiet snores are a good sign and hell, he looks so different and peaceful when he sleeps, cute even

•  bc of the amount of energy he releases each day bc everything he does is his 100% Bakugou often gets sleepy at the end of the day which doesnt mean that he will sleep tho, so his s/o needs to remind him that he needs to take a break at times, being careful not to offend him in anyways ofc

•  it’s always different who falls asleep in the end first though but he is sure as hell a grumpy morning person who wants to stay in bed a bit longer

Shinsou Hitoshi

•  it’s only one of the two, depending on the mood ;
One would be him cuddling up to his s/o, for example he loves having their arms around his body, his head snuggled up to their chest where he can clearly hear the rhythm of their heartbeats which assists him very well to fall asleep

•  Two would be them just laying by each other’s side, perhaps finger’s laced together in the beginning before they drift into deep slumber with him having a small and delighted smile playing on his lips
(i want this boy to be happy, dont judge oke) 

•  He is a really light sleeper and most of the time his s/o ends up falling asleep before him but Shinsou considers himself lucky because he is able to see such an adoring sight of his s/o, thinking just how fortunate he is to be with them, to see them like this

•  is also mostly of the times to wake up before them but baths into the warm feeling to stay in bed until they slowly rise from the night as well

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Imagine mornings where Woozi won’t release you from his embrace or let you leave the bed because he claims that you’re really warm and he’s way too comfortable in that state.

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do you think Lucy loves natsu? i cant really tell with her, but natsu on the other hand i think he does, can you do an analysis on this if you have time, thanks :)

Let me just say two things before I start:

1. Thank you SO MUCH for sending this ask!

2. I’m sorry I’m late with the answer, but I hope you see it nonetheless! ^_^


3. I’m  VERY LATE. I know. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I couldn’t post my answer earlier, but with Fairy Tail ending, I had to do it. So here it is, my take on Lucy’s feelings for Natsu. It’s a bit long (and a bit all over the place), but I hope that’ll compensate for its delay.

To me, the best way to define Natsu and Lucy’s relationship is as a solid friendship which has begun to turn into something more. Or as Mashima likes to label it, “more than friends, less than lovers”.

I’ll start with something that I believe is a very important aspect of their relationship.

Before Lucy and Natsu met each other, they were only close to people from their respective families (in Natsu’s case that’s the guild, in Lucy’s case I consider the servants in the Heartfilia mansion a part of the family). Natsu had spent 10 years in the guild, going on missions and meeting new people, but it wasn’t until he met Lucy that he made a friend outside of the guild. As for Lucy, Natsu is also the first friend she’s made that isn’t somehow connected to the Heartfilia business and house. So I’d like to think of them becoming friends as coming out of their respective shells and I consider it something very special and important. It’s a turning point for both of them. And if either of them didn’t feel they could trust the other, this wouldn’t have happened.

Lucy’s childhood. Lucy grew up with a loving mother by her side with whom she shared a deep and strong connection. If Layla hadn’t died just before her daughter was of the age when kids start to get curious about love, Lucy would’ve had someone to guide and help her understand the complicated feeling that love is, while also letting her make her own mistakes so she could learn from them. Unfortunately, Lucy was left to grow up with an emotionally-distant father. Yes, she had servants who loved and cherished her deeply as shown at the end of the Phantom Lord arc, and she also had Aquarius. But, after all, the bond she shares with them would never replace the bond she shared with her mother. On top of everything, Lucy didn’t have any friends around her age. She had no one to talk to about love. So, naturally, I imagine she learned about it from books (it’s canon she loves books) and magazines (she was a Sorcerer Weekly reader.

This is where things clash. On one hand, books usually represent love as pure, romantic, all-consuming, eternal. On the other hand, magazines tend to go for “what sells best”, which, yes, is very similar to the image love has in books, but more often than not, is beauty and sex appeal.

Lucy’s first months in Fairy Tail. Lucy keeps the idea of pure love in her heart. We see that in episode 50 when Mirajane suggests Natsu has feelings for Lucy. The Celestial Mage then starts to imagine a fairy-tale-like scenario where they’re in love, their eyes sparkle when they look at each other and Natsu is the perfect gentleman.

The first time we see Lucy, though, back in episode 1, she’s trying to use her sex appeal to get a discount at a Magic Item Store. The girl’s way of connecting to people her age was through Sorcerer Weekly. It’s the cool magazine with cool mages (many of them her age) giving cool interviews and having cool photo shoots. It’s trendy. It’s cool. Lucy’s influenced by it whether she realizes it or not. The way she sees love is also influenced by it.

Long story short: Lucy’s idea of love is a mix between what she’s read in books and what she’s seen in magazines. She has never experienced it first-hand. She doesn’t really know what real love is like, with all its ups and downs. Realizing the true essence of her feelings for Natsu, or any other possible love interest really, would take time.

Joining Fairy Tail has undoubtedly changed Lucy’s life. She went from being uptight, often irritated by Natsu and Gray’s antics, to a more chill and calm person. She grew up in an isolated household with no friends her age and almost no one to talk to. As the sole heir to a huge conglomerate, she grew up having to behave, follow some strict rules and basically be a good girl.

In contrast, Fairy Tail lets Lucy be who she actually is. It sets her free. Her guildmates are loud, often act immature, sometimes destroy whole buildings (*cough* Natsu *cough*), but they are true to their heart. As someone who never had the freedom to truly be herself, enjoy youth and go on adventures, Lucy needed some time to get used to her new life. It’s what she wanted and needed, but such drastic changes always take time to get used to. That’s why I believe the first few months the thought of love rarely, if ever, crossed Lucy’s mind.

Lucy and Natsu’s relationship. Natsu has always had a huge impact on Lucy. The moment they met was marked by Natsu’s breaking the Charm spell that had Lucy under the fake Salamander’s influence, which implies Natsu is the one who’s gonna help her break free from her old life. This fateful encounter is celebrated in a later episode, because it is important to both characters. Although at that point in the series I think neither of them thought of the other as a love interest, their friendship had become very important to their development as individuals and I’ve always believed that people in a healthy relationship should be able to retain their individual identities while building their relationship.

We often see Lucy irritated by Natsu and his antics during her first month or two in the guild. It’s usually used for comic relief (Lucy violently kicking Natsu in the face when he breaks in her apartment for example), but it gradually disappears with time to the point where she accepts him for who he is, with all his flaws and the annoying habit of destroying buildings (that cost a lot to repair). That by itself is not enough to show Lucy’s in love with Natsu, but it is proof that their relationship is changing.

The realization that you’re in love with someone usually takes some time. It’s the little things that add up and mark this whole process as “falling in love”. Things like Lucy shouting Natsu’s name when jumping off the tower in the Phantom Lord arc, her comment on how cute he looks when he sleeps after they returned from Edolas, even her getting all nervous about a possible date with him (ep.50) show that although they are still at the friendship stage, Lucy’s starting to acknowledge her growing feelings for him and to consider him as a love interest.

The Tenrou arc showed that both Lucy and Natsu see each other as “more than friends, less than lovers”. By that time, Lucy’s already realized her guildmates are incredibly strong, has received some decent character development (mostly in the form of her bonding with her Celestial Spirits, helping Cana in the S-Class exam and emphasizing FT’s favorite nakama power theme) and is doing her best to become even stronger and confidently stand next to powerful mages such as Erza. Even though they start off as “enemies”, Natsu and Lucy reform Original Team Natsu halfway through the arc to defeat one of the real villains. The fight shows just how far their friendship has come. Although it wasn’t labeled as such, I consider Lucy’s fire attacks a unison raid with Natsu.

When it comes to Lucy’s feelings for Natsu as shown in this arc, it all starts with Lucy refusing to leave Natsu to fight Kain Hikaru alone. It’s mostly her character development and kind nature speaking here, but the fact that she’s in a life-threatening situation (her skull is about to get crushed!) and still doesn’t want to leave her friend alone that subtly hints at something more.

The fight against Hades and Lucy’s actions when all hope was lost hint even more at the Celestial Mage’s changing feelings. In a dire and hopeless situation, she’s tightly hugging Natsu. It’s a moment where she’s vulnerable, afraid, weak and it is Natsu’s presence right beside her that helps her go through it. Running after and recovering the Dragon Slayer’s most precious possession, the scarf from Igneel, further emphasizes how important Natsu has become to Lucy.

After the 7-year time skip it looks like it’s mostly Natsu’s time to acknowledge his growing feelings for his blonde friend. But he’s not the only one who has some acknowledgement to do. Lucy’s character undergoes even more development and that includes the feelings she has for the Dragon Slayer. The GMG arc was very important for Lucy, because she was doing her best in her fights, but kept losing because her enemies used underhanded tactics. During those times, Natsu was there for her. She could rely on him to help her move on and shake off the frustration of such unfair losses. At this point of their relationship, it’s clear that Lucy trusts and relies on Natsu (especially evident in the f!Lucy’s scenes), cares about and believes in him (the hospital scene before his fight against Sting and Rogue) and is grateful to him (the sweet back hug at the end of the arc).

While we’re on it, the back hug is very special to Natsu and Lucy. In the earlier arcs, Lucy does that to try and stop Natsu from doing something reckless (the first time she did it was in the Lullaby arc to stop him from hurting himself; she also did it in the Edolas arc to stop him from blowing up their cover). The end of the GMG arc is the first time she hugs him like that to simply show gratitude. She’s thankful this is over. She’s thankful everybody seems to be alright. She’s thankful f!Lucy found happiness in the afterlife. She’s thankful to Natsu.

The Tartaros arc was a painful experience for everybody in the Fairy Tail guild. It was an arc in which many people lost someone important to them. When it was all over and it was time to face the future, it turned out Natsu’s approach to things was different from Lucy’s. In order to not lose anyone else anymore, the Dragon Slayer left the town to train and become stronger. Lucy, on the other hand, while not explicitly stating it, wanted to once again feel safe at the guild and rebuild what was destroyed during the Tartaros conflict. It’s when Natsu was gone, not just the fear of losing him, he was actually gone, when she realized exactly how much he means to her.

I consider the year before the Alvarez War a year meant for healing, coming to terms with yourself, acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and (possibly) working on improving. During that time, Lucy worked hard as a reporter, trained even harder and got on a whole new level with her star dresses and tried to deal with her loneliness by keeping track of where her guildmates were and what they were up to. While she and Natsu never really talked about his sudden disappearance, I think the tension between them was somewhat resolved throughout the last arc.

After Fairy Tail had once again become a guild, we all noticed how Mashima started using some old elements (like Natsu infiltrating Lucy’s apartment; Lucy getting angry at him; Lucy Kick) with some changes in them. It was attributed to him trying to convey the feeling that everything’s how it was in the beginning (with some small changes here and there), but I also believe it was a necessary process Natsu and especially Lucy had to go through to rekindle their relationship.

During the war, Lucy had to face the fear of losing Natsu, but this time the difference was she was not quite helpless. Albeit indirectly, she first helped Natsu by being kind to Brandish, which made the Spriggan reduce the size of his tumor, thus saving him. When later she enlarged it and Natsu’s life was threatened again, Lucy fought fiercely to protect him. She will keep relying on him, and he on her, but what makes things different is that now they are equal. More importantly, Lucy considers them equal. Yes, she might not (yet) be as powerful as he is, but she proudly stands and fights next to him – a change in her attitude that started back on Tenrou island and that is very important for a healthy relationship between those two.

I want to end this post with a recent panel of Lucy that brought a couple of happy tears in my eyes.

Lucy’s heard what other people said: Natsu is END, Natsu is a monster. But she sees through this and realizes that he’s not defined by that. He’s a normal boy. He’s the Natsu that brought her to Fairy Tail; the Natsu she went on so many adventures with; the Natsu who can’t handle vehicles; the Natsu who has a tendency of destroying buildings; the Natsu who often breaks in her apartment; the Natsu who is loud, energetic, and supportive of his friends; the Natsu who’s always been there for her; the Natsu who left her for a year; the Natsu who helped her reform Fairy Tail; the Natsu who spent the last few hours before the war goofing around with her and Happy; the Natsu who will always support and help her; the Natsu she fell in love with.

What dating jinyoung from got7 would be like

* dating jinyoung would be like a contest to who’s more savage

* Sassy jinyoung 24/7 you may have to beat his ass sometimes but he’s gotta pay the price

* Cute dates at coffee shops in the cold wearing cute ass matching scarves

* Library dates either he’s forcing you to read or you like it

* Always holding your hand to keep you warm

* Gives you his big ass bulky Jacket if you’re cold but then pops up with another one for him (piece of shit 😂💗)

* Cringes when you try to act cute

* Beats his ass once again then worships the cuteness

* I feel like his hugs would be really long but warm so don’t complain

* Matching sweaters

* People stare at y'all on the street cause you’re the cutest couple

* Dating like 2 old people (wtf how cute)

* Buys you cute necklaces/ watches even when you tell him not to

* Sings you to sleep if you want him to (BITCH WHO WOULDN’T WANT THAT)

* Not the best cook but tries at least

* Probably burning the house down

* When you’re with the rest of got7 y'all sit in a corner judging the little fuckers

* Maknaes are even scared of you even if your younger or older then them


* Jesus I kinda feel a dominant feel but it seems like a switch like he’s not always dominant

* His favorite position would be missionary I feel he’s KINKY LIKE HANDCUFFS OR ROPE TYPE SHIT like a lowkey daddy kink

* Buys u cute lingerie like bows lace cute stuff ya know

* His favorite feature is your smile he loves when you smile in any way EXCEPT WITH OTHER GUYS/GIRLS

Matching outfits ⬇️

He’s so cute I wanna kick his cute ass



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During the past weeks a handful of official art of have dropped 2/4 exposed Victor for our eyes (and Yuri *wink wonk*):



what should I do right now I dont think im alive anymore makkachin looks so cute snuggling beside him and look at his fabulous hair even when hes sleeping if this isn’t perfection what is, this breathes life into us, worshiping victor’s beauty right now don’t judge me 

Thursday Night Surprise // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You come home after a stressful day to find your caring boyfriend Jaebum waiting for you. He takes care of you like the loving ball of fluff he is deep down inside ^_^

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Room Mates and Double Dates - chapter 1

I started this (and abandoned it) last autumn. Resurrecting it now in the vain hope I can resolve the plot hole I worked myself into!

For info, May looks like Lupita Nyong’o, because oh god she’s beautiful!

Being roommates with Bucky had its ups and downs. On the upside, he’d been your best friend for ten years now; he made great coffee; he was understanding of hangovers; he was (relatively) house-trained. On the downside, you were in love with him, and it was your job to help him ease his one-night-stands out of the door in the mornings because he never wanted to be the bad guy.

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Family values 11/20/17

So, forgive me for being MIA, but the last weeks have turned out to be really crazy!
As you know, we moved again (more precisely this time we returned to the Alpine County and settled in my parents’ old home).

  Now the repair is in full swing and I can’t even walk at home quietly! Everywhere there are some boxes, paint cans, tools, wallpaper rolls and other things for repair. While the renovation of the house is progressing slowly. We repair it ourselves (the workers’ brigade certainly comes to us on weekends, but on weekdays we try to do the work we can do by ourselves). We just finished with the living room and the dining room. Now the queue for the kitchen and the bedrooms. Nursery for Danae isn’t ready yet, I’ve got my old cradle and she’s sleeping there in our room. It’s nice to see how she uses the same things that I’m in infancy. Also she really liked my old plush rabbit Mr. Pinky, she plays with him for a week and doesn’t let go of it even when she sleeps! It’s kinda cute!

  Danae grows up very quickly. Her vocabulary has expanded to about 30 words and is growing every day! She is good at walking, she can throw a ball, step over obstacles, hold a spoon, can already eat liquid food herself, drink from a cup, perform simple household activities. She also mimics the speech of adults, often accompanies the statements with gestures, facial expressions, answers the questions of who (what) (from the picture), generalizes objects by sight (toys, mugs, etc.) I think this is quite enough for her age.
   Now when my baby has become more independent, I have more time for myself and my hobbies. I dedicate more and more time to work and even went a couple of times to work with her! All my colleagues were just fascinated by her!
  Well, that’s probably all. I hope that my posts have not become more boring due to the fact that now we travel less and haven’t got new places and people in our lives … But we are still here! I still want to communicate with you and find out more about you! 

  Do you have children? If yes,  what age are they? :)


word count: 1260
pairing: hyungwon x reader
notes: fluff, college au
warnings: mentions of alcohol+smut, language (only like one line tbh)

This isn’t really the best remedy for your massive headache and unrelenting flu. It’s been more than a week, and you thought it would be long gone by now; which is exactly why you promised your best friend Minhyuk that you’d be his plus one to the party today.

Not exactly a great decision.

The room is dark and smoky, mixed with the putrid scent of alcohol and sweat. You clutch Minhyuk’s arms tighter as the two of you weave through the scattered groups of intoxicated partygoers. He leads you to the backyard, and you sigh in relief to be able to breathe something beside bad decisions.

“Hey guys!” Minhyuk greets the group of guys standing around the beer keg, and slides the door closed behind you.

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