cute enderman

OB-RN: "I never cared for sunlight much, but my little flower loved to walk through the open flower fields during the day…so I would go with her….I wish I could go back and live these memories again…“

Currently raging inside ;-; I needed to make a calming happy pic.

Still can’t decide on a name for her (is dumb) ;===; Though I want it to be flower related, hence why he calls her "little flower”. These two pretty much have a Big Daddy-Little Sister relationship ;3; I just love big (usually scary) creature monster things taking care of little kids ;w; so cute.

  • Preston: Aww there's this cute mini Enderman over here!- oh god I looked at him. Why did I do that?!
  • Woof: Really Preston?!
  • Preston: HE WAS CUTE! HE WAS CUTE! OK?! What do you want from me??
  • Woof: Doesn't mean you have to look into its soul!
  • Preston: Yea it does! You looked at me when you saw me! I was cute, wasn't I?
  • Woof: Yea but you're not an Enderman!