cute earphones

you and brad share earphones
you and brad share earphones
so basically you're lying next to brad or on a bus or a plane and 
you guys are sharing earphones and brad is mindlessly chattering
with you while skipping songs but suddenly you guys' favorite
the 1975 song comes on.

use earphones


Twitter came out with the Nyanko type earphone jack cover

Random Haul (#1)

So I (sort of) shopped the other day…

1. Pop socket (Moon). I actually like this better than key rings. They’re much more convenient for me—and cuter! I got this moon one from a classmate for P100.

2. Shoelace earphones. I had to shop for stuff to replace the ones that I’d broken (for an annoyingly ton of times already) and this was the cheapest and the cutest (no it’s not obvi that I like cute things) pair of earphones I could find. I got this for only P139!

3. Style My Brow pencils. I’m not a makeup person. My friends know it. My family knows it. My boyf—ah ha ha ha well. Everyone who knows me well knows that I’m a lazy bum especially when it comes to putting on a little shade here and a little glimmer there on my face. But after borrowing my mom’s eyebrow pencil and practicing over my hairless brows, I magically felt satisfied with the outcome thus making me want to buy my own. And I got both my pencils for P150 only at The Face Shop (#03 dark brown). Y'all know how sales. Are. Just. The. Best. Thing. Especially when you don’t even know there’s a sale going on in the first place haha!

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August 22, 2015 // Here’s a pic of some of my back to school essentials! My backpack generally holds my water bottle, camera, earphones, bullet journal, pencil cases wallet and a few others. Super excited about fall and sweater weather! 🍂🍂🍂