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HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone 🎉💕🍷❤️✋🍻🎁🍺🎈

Thanks for all your continuing support this year, I have an EXCITING year ahead so thanks for following me, ❤️Love y'all❤️


GUDETAMA! 🍳 I’m off to Japan with @sacredhangnail (Joe) in a few days WE ARE SO EXCITED. I can’t wait to see this little lazy egg 👴 Check out joes blog, it’s crazy good x

I will do a big blog post on my adventures and the many craft purchases I KNOW I will be making, so keep an eye out 👀

❤️ SAYONARA for now, 🇯🇵JAPAN 🇯🇵 HERE WE COME! ❤️


Taara will be for adoption on friday, 30 of December, 8 p.m CET GMT +1 (German timezone).

Important: Please send me an email if you want to adopt her. I don’t answer mails before the written date and time.
First come, first save. No reservations. Paypal fees have to pay by yourself or you’re sending via friendship.
Layaway is possible but you have to pay 100 € of the payment immediately which I won’t refund if you don’t buy her!
Payment only in EURO (€)

All mails between 8 and 9 p.m. will be answered (also if you don’t get the doll). Please understand that I don’t answer mails after 9 p.m. anymore. If the doll is not sold in this time I will notice it on FB and Instagram.
I don’t response to mails which are not about adopting this doll.

Price: 360 € (excl. shipping)
Notice: Shipping outside of europe will be around 25~40 € depending on your location. Shipping within europe is 14 €, within Germany 5 €.

Taara will come with…
- herself (MIO kit natural skin - Body/Head/Eyemech)
- Face up by me, Mikiyochii, with new eyelashes
- Nose and lip carving by me, Mikiyochii
- Certificate of birth
- Unique Eyechips by me, Mikiyochii
- Lavender wig by FlowerZ
- Unicorn hairband by CherryMaou (etsy)
- Dress and Hairbow by Asano+
- Underskirt from Pullip Fraulein
- Cardigan by Cute Dolls Shop
- Scarf by shopisCUTEdollSTUFF (etsy)
- Stockings by Toutafaitment Doll (facebook)
- Star chain by me, Mikiyochii
- Shoes by Idollzoo
- Magic wand by Qmagicdoll
- Wooden box with cushions for a safely trip
- some cute little extras~



Thank you guys so much for loving my bunny plushies and pins :3 I wasn’t going to put them up on etsy at first because I am worried about my stitching :O i only started learning the other week…but since I have had quite a few people asking so here they are! I dont know how many more I am going to make, now just making some for friends then probably stop for a while.

its just been a bit of fun and stress release for me.  :) thank you again for liking!! 


p.s I will keep you updated with the sweats as well! :D they should be ready soon :3