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The Daisy Romper ❀ Two Ways

I still didn’t manage to repair any of the ripped vintage clothing I got for Kaya, but one red jacket already came in a great condition and adds such a cute casual look to this really chic romper. Of course, it also goes very well paired up with a light cardigan and a glamorous clutch bag. Now, for something completely out of topic, but - I love Kaya’s face mold! She’s got an amazing jaw line, that reminds me of the actress Chyler Leigh, and super adorable dimples.
Plus: I’m into LPS again and felt the urge to purchase at least one deer (there are approximately 20 of them!), as I display them together with my Monster High collection and Isi had some space left on her lap. (ㅇㅅㅇ`)

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When they insisted to buy you a lot of new clothes/makeups/etc.


Kim Namjoon :

He would wake you up from your sleep and smiled, “Babe, wake up! I found that Kylie Jenner releasing new product. I bet this color will suit you.” You frowned and shook your head, “no need, I’m okay with the one I used to-” He sulked and pulled your blanket, “come on! We need to make you prettier!” He cheered. 

“What the hell, Namjoon.”

“I love seeing you happy, babe. You are prettier when you’re happy.” 

Kim Seok Jin : 

He would walked towards you who were cooking for lunch. You glanced at him and smiled, “what is it, Jin?” You asked. He crossed his arms and leaned to the refrigerator. He stared at you and stared at his phone. 

“What is it?” You asked curiously. 

“I saw a good dress, it will suit you. Let’s buy it,” he said. You chuckled and shook your head slowly, “no need. I have a lot of dress because you bought it last week.” He scoffed, “but it’s last week, not now. I’m approving your beauty, let’s go buy this dress for you.” He smiled. 

Min Yoongi : 

You were watching a TV show with chips on your hand. You were very focused on the TV and didn’t notice how Yoongi stared at you from his chair. “Are you mad at me or something, Yoongi.”


“Spill it.” He chuckled and smirked at you, “this is why I love you.” You nodded your head. He walked towards you and pulled your hands, “let’s buy shoes and bags for you,” he said. You shook your head, “I don’t want it. I have enough shoes and bags for the rest of the years. You bought me a lot of that.” 

Yoongi pouted, “please? I also want a quality time with you, pretty please?” He did an aegyo so you couldn’t say nor do anything about it so you said “yes”. 

“I love doing this for you.” 

Jung Hoseok : 

“Babe, it looks good on you.”

“Let’s buy this.” 

“Damn, that skinny jeans will look good on you too. Let’s buy 2 of it.” You would stood awkwardly behind him because he moved too much and too fast for you to follow. He got excited when you said he can choose you everything that will look good on you. You sighed and pulled Hoseok arm, “I think, it’s enough.”

He smiled at you, “you think so? Don’t you need more a lot of makeups?” 

“It’s enough, let’s eat.” He chuckled and ruffled your hair before he slung your arm into your waist and making the girls inside the mall got jealous. 

Park Jimin : 

Both of you were walking around in the mall, Jimin told the bodyguards to distanced a bit to make space for both of you. But clearly, you guys become the center of attention. 

Jimin saw girls were admiring the new released bag by Balenciaga and Celine but you didn’t turn your head to the store and keep busy with your crepes and the events in front of you. “Babe, you want bags like those girls?” He asked sweetly and pulled your arm softly to stop. You glanced at the store and shook your head, “nah, I still have a lot of bags in the house, Jimin. Don’t spoil me.”

He shook his head, “I’m not spoiling you, I’m spoiling myself. Let’s buy those bags for you, okay?” He smiled, “pretty please?” You chuckled and nodded your head. Damn, it was so precious when you saw the girls reaction because Jimin was so active for picking the bags for you meanwhile their boyfriend were nervous by them buying a lot of expensive bags. 

Kim Taehyung : 

You widened your eyes as you saw Taehyung came home with a lot of Gucci’s shopping bags on his hands. He grinned widely as he saw your expression. You crossed your arms and let him came inside the house, “what the hell, Kim Taehyung? You supposed to save your money for the future!” You scolded him. 

He pouted, “but I thought we could be a Gucci couple and I saw a lot of cute stuffs that we could wear together.” You sighed and shook your head, “you need to think before we bought something, these aren’t cheap. I know that.”

“Babe, relax, if it’s about me spending a lot of money for you it’s because I like that. No need to worry, I have a lot of money you know.”


“Now, let’s wear some and have a date.” 

Jeon jungkook :

You sighed as you went outside the campus, you saw Jungkook leaned on one of his fancy cars and wearing sunglasses, being attractive around girls. You rolled your eyes and walked towards him, “Jungkook, I hope you didn’t buy anything again.”

He grinned, “I’m not. We’re going to the mall and you can choose anything that you want. You buy and I swipe.” You smacked his shoulder, “why don’t we eat outside or something? I’m hungry,” you pouted. 

Jungkook chuckled and lead you to the passenger’s seat, “your wish is my command, princess.” But when you opened the door, you saw a very cute doll along with expensive shopping bag beside it. “Jeon Jungkook!” 

“Aww…relax, it’s not very expensive like yesterday.”

“It’s Hermes you dumbass!” He chuckled and started the engine, “I’m lucky I have you because you rarely spend money instead saving it for the future. But let me spoil you because I have a lot of money and I want to spend it for you.” 

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