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Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Four: Animals/Pets
↳ Yuri & his adorable ball of fluff #kittensquad [x]


Yokohama Walker November 2016
Tokai Walker November 2016

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… Is Walker trying to promote bread or….?????? It’s suppose to be about bread!! But all I see is a boy. A bedroom. A bed and…. omggggg that oh so seductive look *dies* 

All the Walkers are about the same (as I had guessed but whateverrrr one can never have too much of Inoo)… But I actually like Yokohama’s issue the best coz I like the bedroom pictures better than the Tokyo’s issue… 

And Tokai issue… WHERE’S THE BREAD???????? Isn’t it supposed to be about that???


彼と添い寝でしたいコトもっと 藤木空 Sample Voice
あさぎ夕 (Suzuki Yuuto)
彼と添い寝でしたいコトもっと 藤木空 Sample Voice

彼と添い寝でしたいコトもっと 藤木空 Sample Voice (CV: Suzuki Yuuto)

*NSFW, headphones advised! ( -//▽//- )

Release Date: August 26th, 2016.

Hey Kuroko no Basket fandom, we’re just a week away! From June 7th to June 13th, MidoTaka Week will kick off for Shuutoku’s own light and shadow, Midorima Shintarou and Takao Kazunari. And though it’s called that, we are completely open to TakaMido as well, or just any combination of the two! Here’s your chance to show some love for this lucky pair with gifs, graphics, fanfiction, fanart, fanmixes, and anything you could think of. Just remember to tag #midotakaweek within the first five tags, and it’ll be reblogged for everyone to see!

The prompts for each day are as follows:

Day 1 [6/7]: Luck
Day 2 [6/8]: Cats
Day 3 [6/9]: Music
Day 4 [6/10]: Fate
Day 5 [6/11]: Partner
Day 6 [6/12]: Future
Day 7 [6/13]: Full Court

For more info, take a look at the prompts page! Don’t forget to give the rules page a look over, and if there are any questions, feel free to send an ask in and we’ll get to you as soon as possible. And if you could, please reblog this and get the word out there so everyone can take part! Most importantly, people who enjoy life are winners, so let’s go and make the most out of this!