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Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Four: Animals/Pets
↳ Yuri & his adorable ball of fluff #kittensquad [x]

彼と添い寝でしたいコトもっと 藤木空 Sample Voice
あさぎ夕 (Suzuki Yuuto)
彼と添い寝でしたいコトもっと 藤木空 Sample Voice

彼と添い寝でしたいコトもっと 藤木空 Sample Voice (CV: Suzuki Yuuto)

*NSFW, headphones advised! ( -//▽//- )

Release Date: August 26th, 2016.


Yokohama Walker November 2016
Tokai Walker November 2016

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… Is Walker trying to promote bread or….?????? It’s suppose to be about bread!! But all I see is a boy. A bedroom. A bed and…. omggggg that oh so seductive look *dies* 

All the Walkers are about the same (as I had guessed but whateverrrr one can never have too much of Inoo)… But I actually like Yokohama’s issue the best coz I like the bedroom pictures better than the Tokyo’s issue… 

And Tokai issue… WHERE’S THE BREAD???????? Isn’t it supposed to be about that???