cute cup design

Inspirational coffee cup idea.
Rough sketch (and excuse my terrible handwriting)

“Sometimes we fall short,
but we keep on trying”

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❤Legend Agape x CS x Karen (me)♡ …CLICKY CLICKY LIL DICKY
Thank you to my Taiwanese friends for pulling through with your ideas. I guess this is a lesson, telling me to… not procrastinate. BECAUSE THEY SAID THEY WANTED THIS ON A MUG AND HERE WE ARE. Knowing me, I would’ve procrastinated, but I can’t do that. I NEED TO CHANGE DEEZ BAD HABITS

Seriously thought they were joking around about putting this on a mug. Of all things, a mug was least expected, but I am excited to be on… a mug! I really hope this will jump start my career in art + dem street stuff + cool brands + business. The Lord knows I want this. Ok, not want, I NEED! So, this is my reminder to be willing to work hard for my dreams, because anything can happen and I am not limited. We all aren’t (’: