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The way he looks at her 😍
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Well, just like I promised 100 years ago, here is Yoosung and MC’s honeymoon in the happiest place on earth~! DISNEYLAND! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° In which Yoosung spent the whole day letting the whole park know you are his wife~ ♡ Once again based on @zens-ponytail ’s amazing head canons.

cutiematsuno  asked:

What about this? Person A and B are on a trip. They stop at a motel to rest. Person A leads person B to their motel room. When they arrived to their room, they noticed that they had to share a bed.


(Format might be off)
Person A: … umm, I think this is the wrong room.
Person B: then the key wouldn’t have worked.
Person A: … but, there’s only one bed.
Person B: I see that.
Person A: … you don’t think.. she thought.. she thought that we.. that we are-
Person B: yes, I think she did. But I’m to tired to care. *flops on bed*
Person A: *blushes* … I guess if we keep to our own sides.

Person A and B wake up tangled in each other’s limbs