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it’s 1am nd i’m out here thinking about how whenever mj sits beside jinjin he’s always touching his leg. and not even in like a romantic way just in a “hey we’re friends” way. nd it’s just so natural for them?? like he does it every time and jinjin isn’t (or doesn’t seem) upset or uncomfortable it’s just a casual thing for them, it’s become normal. and that’s so cute that they’re so close and comfortable with one another that mj literally grabbing jinjin’s thigh is casual bc i doubt there’s very many people he would let do that. it’s just adorable that each time he wants to say something to jinjin and get his attention he just reaches for his leg like “hey pay attention to me”. and jinjin always listens whenever he does it bc he knows by now that it’s mj’s way of trying to make sure he’s listening. i just love myungjin’s friendship so much nd i should be sleeping but here i am crying over it instead.


└ No need to be embarrassed~ not when you’re so adorkable when awkward.

Cr: VS Arashi 25.05.2017 Preview

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I do loved the Webbys fuckery-so much more than I'd hoped for! But I fear this may be the last of it for a while😩 I really hope the air S11 in Jan, I cannot wait any longer for any of their joint promo!

Oh no anon! You don’t get it. We had the Webbys and the Upfronts, and now all the interviews will be distilled during the next few weeks or months.

Then, it’ll be July, and they’ll both start to tease us about filming starting soon. That’s when we get them to tweet kinky stuff about Scully and dorky pictures of Mulder. 

Then it’ll be August really fast. Not to mention their birthdays fuckery, because they’ll spend them together, we will be gone for 5 months and a half of craziness and sleeplessness. Did I mention it was 5 months and half? Because it’ll be 5 months and a half. More than 160 days. And nights. 

Then there’s will be the promotion tour, with some Kimmel-like late show, and photoshoot, and interviews, and there’ll be the TCA again, and cute anecdotes from their costars who won’t be able to tell if Mulder and Scully are together only in the show or also in real life. 

Then, there’ll be the premiere, with some red carpet interviews when they forget the acknowledge the interviewers while staying in their own bubble. 

Then it’ll air. During 10 weeks. 10 weeks!!. Gillian will be all tingly, and David will be all about red speedo jokes. 

Then the bloopers will come out. The Bloopers!! Is there anything more Gillovny than some good xfiles bloopers? Probably not. 

Then it’ll be the 25th anniversary, and we’ll hopefully get them together on a comic con, signing, paneling, and taking awesome dual pictures.

Then the DVD will come out, and we’ll get all the BTS and they’ll be commenting on another episode, giggling and breathing loudly for 42 minutes. 

And then, maybe, MAYBE, it’ll be over, but it doesn’t matter, because this is when they come out.

So no, really, The Webbys are not the end. It’s the beginning. 


Rik Rankin with Morven Christie, his costar in The Replacement on the Bafta Scotland red carpet. Look how he has a hand on her hip, leaning into her and she’s smiling flirtatiously back at him, plus they color coordinated their outfits…are they secretly a couple based on this? NOPE. Rik is dating Cara Theobold and Marven is married. What you see is two costars being cute on the red carpet because that’s what costars do to PROMOTE their show. Just like Sam and Cait.

but just imagine being robbie’s wife...

Robbie is at Comicon in San Diego, missing you like crazy while you’re in New York for a show. 

“Robbie Kay!” The announcer shouts, causing a boisterous round of screeches and screams to fill the energetic atmosphere.

Robbie’s smile reaches to his eyes at the pure energy running through the crowd, he just wishes he could spend this moment with his wife.

“Hello!” Robbie says into the mic before taking his seat. The announcer finishes up with presentations before moving on to questions. 

“Okay, so you guys know how it goes! You ask, they answer.” The host grins and nods at the first person holding the mic in the crowd in acknowledgement. 

“Hi!” The girl says, fully grinning and giggling, showing her braces. Robbie smiles back along with the rest of the actors. 

“So, my question is for Robbie,” She continues. Robbie nods in response, giving her his attention fully. 

“First of all, how are you?” The girl nervously asks, finding it hard to articulate with her braces and nerves. 

“I’m great,” He starts off before looking out the ground sadly.

“But I miss my wife.” He grumbles with a pout. The crowd chorus in coos and ‘aw’s’ as the rest of the actors around Robbie chuckle at his cuteness. 

His costar reaches out to pat him on the back. Playing along, Robbie sniffles and buries his face in his costar’s arm. This notion alone sends a chaotic sound of screams and has the power to burst a shipper’s heart. 

Robbie recedes back to his seat and let’s out a laugh, holding the mic away from him a little bit so his laughter won’t boom through the area. 

“Y/N–She’s my best friend, my buddy, mi amiga. Life hack: for all you ladies– or men– out there, marry your best friend, that way it’s like having the person who makes you smile with you every step of the way.” Robbie says with a shrug, making another round of coo’s go off in the room. 

“I’m so interested, tell me more!” A fan sarcastically yells out, causing the rest of the crowd to quiet down.

“Well, some days when I come home early, like I’d hide somewhere then jump out, which would scare her. The look on her face is everything, didn’t think I can love someone more.”

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you made me realise it's not only sam cait can make me laugh but other couple too!so many out there where have I been all these time thank you Cait for opening our eyes!I'm in peace! I love you jess !!

Yay I’m glad anon! Lots of cute couples/costars out there whose lives aren’t surrounded by constant fuckery. I’ll try to reblog some more for you later :)

Riverdale's Archie Sounds VERY Different in Real Life

Riverdale is one of our newest obsessions for many reasons: the juicy drama, the talented cast, and yes, the extremely attractive KJ Apa (Archie Andrews). The 19-year-old actor (can you believe he’s only 19?!) is an all-American type of guy on the show. His character is an athlete, a musician, and, after going through puberty the Summer before the show begins, is a huge hit with the ladies of Riverdale High School. While he nails his cute American accent on the show, he actually sounds completely different in real life.

8 Shows You Should Watch If You’re Obsessed With Riverdale

KJ, who has formed a cute bromance with costar Cole Sprouse who plays Jughead Jones (he’s also real hot, fyi), was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. His father is actually Samoan and is a Matai (chief) of his village in Samoa. Hearing KJ talk in his regular accent is slightly jarring if you’re a fan of The CW show, but we definitely aren’t complaining.