cute comic strip


Don’t fuck with Viktor Nikiforov.

(I pray silently that my english is correct - maybe not - sorry for that :/ - no, seriously, tell me if it’s wrong)

(Look, look ! I have a graphic tablet & a new stylus :D)


Part 2 maybe…. I’m not so good with plots lol I just wanted to draw baby bones being cute (I just realized there’s a typo) by instead of bye

Sans can be a bit mischevious with his powers 

Gaster would never hurt Sans, he just uses his powers to intimidate him and to make sure he’s doing the right thing

And Gaster eye’s are just a one shot theory on how he could of damaged them. It probably won’t show up in any of my other drawings or I might come up with a different theory later on

What if this actually happen? Part 3

So Mari really did go and touch Nozomi’s boobs. Nozomi and Mari can be competitive when it comes to their Girlfriends. While Eli and Kanan had bonding over their jinx moment. (Honestly, Eli and Kanan looks good together D: pardon my delusional mind) 

The dialogues kinda long in this one. Making 4 Koma is hard D: I’ll try my best for the next one! I’m open for any suggestion~ 

Part1 & Part2