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Sex Bomb (Smut)


Request:  Yo can you make an imagine about buying the sex bathbomb and taking a bath with shawn that leads to some slow passionate sex ?

Word Count: 2,217

Sex Bomb

“Are you done yet, please?” Shawn whined at me.

I was holding another dress up in front of me, looking at myself in the mirror.

“Soon babe, I promise” I assured him.

He stuck his tongue out at me, obviously very annoyed with me. It just made me laugh, though. He was cute when he got frustrated. Shawn leaned against the wall in the store, doing his very best to let me know, he surely wasn’t happy with me.

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Hey guys!

So I shop a lot from (it’s a Chinese online store wich ships internationally)

I thought that if I get something I will share it with you cause it’s a great and cheap place to get stuff from.

These are the clothes I got today and I love them so much 😍

Romper / Jumpsuit

Pink crop-top

Panda crop-top

T-shirt dress

(please let me know if you want me to post these kind of things or if you want some reviews about them or if you are annoyed by it)

I wish everybody a great day 💗

princess-emilion  asked:

Hai I was just wondering if you know of any online stores where I can buy relatively cheap cute clothes? ^-^ I see lots of links/adds on here but I dunno if any of them are legit/decent quality. Also I think your blog is super cute btw 💕💕✨✨


Circusdoll (you can also find action figures and cosplays here)

Sheinside (IF YOU FIND A PRINTED SWEATER AND YOU’RE NOT SURE WHETHER THE ART IS STOLEN OT NOT PLEASE DON’T BUY IT more informations in the note at the end of the post)

Dolly Dynamite

Cathy’s Harajuku Store (IF YOU FIND A PRINTED SWEATER AND YOU’RE NOT SURE WHETHER THE ART IS STOLEN OT NOT PLEASE DON’T BUY IT more informations in the note at the end of the post)


Maruq (they sell Liz Lisa, Aymmy, OMOCAT and other japanese fashion brands)



Branded Kitty

This is a super cute ebay store

Tokyo Dolls

Kawaii Clothing



Sandysshop (sells really cute tights)


Trinity Styles

Himi Store


Kawaii Goods (also sells a lot of cute accessories)

Fashion Kawaii


Mart Of China


Bow Kuma (also sells accessories)



Cute Harajuku

Asian Cute

Women Fashion

Mirukei Ichigo


Unicorn Circus

Cheap items straight from Japan!



Listen Flavour


Here’s a list of cute clothing stores according to @pinkulollipop! I don’t really buy my clothes online so I can’t say I know how great any of these are. However I have bought a maid outfit off of Spreepicky for my girlfriend before! They always have some nice coupon codes floating around, they have cosplay items, and they also sell plus size items too! Hopefully that helps!


I dont use miitomo anymore but I remembered that since making this post a long time ago I had bought new clothes for my miis… so here’s a repost

Love or Hate (Part 7 of 13)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s shot at a better life is stolen from her, she continues to see the person responsible all over town. After a series of unfortunate events, will she learn that there’s a fine line between love and hate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,457

Warnings: language, drinking

A/N:  Moving right along. Bucky has made his choice, it seems. Also, someone new is introduced!

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 -

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