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Some Tips on Being a Senior Student

There are sooo many posts on how to make the most out of your first year of university/college, but very few on what to do when you’re reaching the end of those years and are about to enter the Real Real World. This post is to help you make that last year count!

1) Focus on your grades!

This is the time when having good grades is the most important. By now, you’ve gotten into some sort of studying rhythm and know what works for you, so use that to your advantage to put in a little extra effort and push. No-one really cares about your grades from previous years if your grades at the end are awesome. If you have some kind of capstone project, make sure that it is done really well so that you can use it as an example of your work!

2) Get familiar with Careers’ Services

If your university has a Careers’ Services office, make an appointment with them. Chances are, they will have tonnes of professional advice on how to improve your CV/resumé, interview training, and connections to companies that want to hire graduates!! Often, these services are free!! Use them!! 

3) Spice up your CV!

As awesome as your transcript and degree may be, plenty of people will have the same degree as you. Go over your past few years and make a list of all the extracurriculars you did. Did you write for the university newspaper? Treasurer of the MSA? Run a pretty successful instagram and blog? Add it to your CV (resumé for you Americans). If you’re not sure about how to make it sounds “professional”, don’t be afraid to list it in terms of the skills you learn rather than your actual position (if in doubt, refer to point 2).

4) Build a professional wardrobe

When you’re out shopping for clothes and you see a cute blazer or comfortable shirts/blouses on sale, give them a try. It’s so much better to show up for a interview in clothes that you’ve gotten used to and are comfortable in, than a brand new suit that’s awkward and feels like you’re playing dress-up in. Try incorporating some “professional” clothing pieces into your everyday wear every now and then so you can figure out what you like wearing and what’s your style. It’s also a lot cheaper to build up a wardrobe over time rather than buying things all at once for your new job.

5) Organise your opportunities

Get a spreadsheet with job/post-graduate applications going. Sort by application date. If you hear of a cool-sounding graduate programme, make a note of it and research it as soon as possible. Competition can be tough, so be prepared for rejections. If you’re thinking of taking a post-graduate gap year (which is what I’m considering at the moment), look for short courses, internships, part-time work or how you’re going to save money to travel and organise that. There are lots of options!

5) Network effectively

By now, you probably have a favourite professor or three who thinks you’re a pretty decent kid! Rather than trying to go to everyone’s office hours (probably the most common college advice on studyblr), talk to your favourite profs in passing, ask them for projects or how their day is going. They’re really great people and excellent mentors.

6) Keep contact with friends and family

I know it’s difficult, but it is really important to have that social and emotional support available. It can be tough, but you will really appreciate having people who you can call on or just to spend time with. 

7) It’s okay to not have anything figured out yet

Science majors and Humanities majors often have the same problem - the incessant “so what are you going to do with that physics/english/history/biology/philosophy degree? Become a teacher?” questions. If you want to be a teacher - that’s awesome - but if you don’t, this question can be the most frustrating. Yes, you know that you won’t be getting a 5-figure starting salary like your cousin who did an engineering/medical/accounting degree, but at least you spent your time studying something you enjoyed! It’s okay to not have an immediate plan of action for what you’re going to do after graduating, but you’ll figure it out eventually! There really is no rush.

I hope this post is helpful! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me or send an ask! Don’t forget to take the coolest graduation pictures ever! Happy studying!

xx Munira

Hullo, my wittle bugs! 🐛

Let us talk about being a budget friendly little! This list is by no means definitive or the only options. However, as an adult little who has had to pinch the metaphorical penny at times, I have learned a few tricks to keep myself neck deep in cute stuff and still pay my bills.

🐞 Op Shops (aka thrift shops)
Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that op shops are just for old clothes. Your local shop will have lots of items to help you feel little. Check out the WHOLE store for children cutlery, plates, bowls, books, toys and even art products. You’ll be paying $5 for several items that would be $20+ brand new. Plus, cute clothing is often for sale as well.

🐞 Ebay
As an Australian, Ebay has been great for cheap or used items and most places offer free or cheap shipping. Keep an eye on the sellers review percentage to keep yourself out of scams, but good finds are available.

🐞 Dollar Stores
Once upon a time, dollar stores used to sell nothing for more than $1. Times have changed, but gold is still to be had! Coloring books, pencils, trinkets, hair ties and even books can be found. Bring $5 and you’re sure to walk away with a couple of cute items.

🐞 Wish
This app (available on Play or Apple stores) offers a huge range of cheap items across all categories. Great for art items, hair accessories, cheap jewelry and other items. It is a hit or miss with some items not looking anything like you expected and nothing is name brand. However, I have had some amazing finds that make up for any failings. WARNING: this app does save your credit card details with a very simple “slide to pay” feature. If you struggle with impulse control, this app isn’t for you.

🐞 Sales
Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, patience is not something most littles have in spades. However, if you are feeling budget savvy but wish to go out to the mall, sales are your best friend. End of Financial Year is happening soon and this is an underrated sale. For stock and tax taking purposes, shops will try to sell their items off before June 30th at discount. Shop online for sales as well anytime of the year. If you are a little with anxiety, avoid “major” sales like Christmas or Black Friday. Shop online instead.

🐝 Bee-ware of buying at certain places. Supermarket toy sections are often marked up as they are a ‘specialty’ item. Same with some major department stores. Don’t be afraid to compare. Take out your phone in store and look for the same item across other shops.

🐛 Hope this helps any littles! 🐛

I received a big box of goodies from my parents in Japan on Friday.

TAKARA TOMY Disney Beans Collection doll - Sven & Kristoff

They are only 18cm tall but possibly the cutest Frozen dolls I have ever seen! 


Hey guys! I made a collection on Redbubble to try and help cover some costs since I’m going to be in college a lot longer than I had intended to (long story).

Please check it out and don’t forget to reblog!

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Just wanna say a big thank you to @all-these-larrythings for writing for this fandom! Their fics are amazing and bring me so much joy.

Their Late Late show AU is awesome and everyone should definitely read it!

When It’s Late At Night by Rearviewdreamer :Louis has zero interest in an ex-boybander turned solo artist when his appearance on the show gets announced, but that’s exactly who he gets stuck with when Harry Styles shows up at the Late Late show to promote the release of his debut album. For an entire fucking week.

You Deserve It All by Rearviewdreamer: Just once Harry would like to face his ex and feel confident, but he’s shit at confronting Nick and unfortunately his shopping skills aren’t much better. Thankfully for him, the cute sales boy at the clothing shop knows a thing or two about fashion and making ex boyfriends green with envy. (This fic is cute and a good read. especially if you want cheering up. Go read it)

I’m now on a reading spree and reading all their fics. Just as you should!