cute ciencia

ok just saying, ive seen a lot of posts about aliens coming to earth and being fascinated by stuff here. Like how we make things vibrate before eating them . shit like that. and it just makes me weirdly mad because HEAT IS IN THE REST OF THE FUCKING UNIVERSE. ITS NOT ABSOLUTE ZERO EVERYWHERE BUT EARTH. 

or environment stuff, ohh they would be surprised by the extreme conditions on earth MAN IT RAINS GLASS SIDEWAYS AT 4,500 MPH ON HD 189733B AMID 2,000 DEGREE TEMPERATURE.

aliens: your planet has temperatures below zero?? HELL NEPTUNE IN OUR OWN DAMN SOLAR SYTEM IS -218 C THEY MIGHT HAVE PASSED IT ON THE WAY HERE

like i suppose theyd be surprised at our preferred conditions if theirs were vastly different but we’d be just as confused as them

I cant compare humans to aliens because we havent seen any but they would be adapted to the planet they came from and we’re adapted to ours. And if theyve figured out space travel they know that there are some pretty universal things that can vary wildly on different planets like temperature and storms and volcanoes and lightning and geysers and they’d know that EARTH ISNT THAT EXTREME ON ANY OF THOSE THINGS