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I think one of the reasons why Eddie gets all the praise for being attractive over Dan is actually an issue of their costumes. Jacob's outfit was an ill-fitting suit since he was supposed to look like he fell into a thrift store trying to put together something fancy for his interview. I feel like his lil mustache was an attempt to hide his cute baby face to look mature for it too? Even with those things he's still very handsome, so imagine when he gets clothes that fit. He'll absolutely shine!

Ooh yes, that’s a good point actually! Imagine Jacob in a well-tailored, well-fitted suit after he earns money from the bakery - like DAMN I would be all over him.

I don’t know, I feel that it’s in part because Dan is a (cute) chubby guy and people dismiss larger people as being unattractive - which is NOT true. I mean, no offence, but I would be so up for sex with someone like Jacob Kowalski - and he’d be soft and great at cuddling :3


When ur chunky asf but it’s okay bc you still manage to squeeze into your house😅

Today is my birthday.
Happy birthday to me.

I don’t understand my face.

This would be my album cover.

i finished that comic i was working on earlier

idk why i made the background in steven and connie’s panels gray but all i know is that i can’t change it now