cute chipped tooth


Well I couldn’t help myself and watched those SU leaks so I waited on posting these for a little while :”D So I drew the Skinny Jasper and that super cute Amethyst with the chipped tooth. I also have these older doodles of Amethyst I drew cause I think she’s my fave!

I initially quite liked Lapis but I think Amethyst is so funny and she has such a profound backstory. She’s also so beautiful and I just adore her.

I Remember

I remember a 5 year old child
kind of cute with a chipped tooth smile
his hair parted on the left
with a Ricky Ricardo Flip just like dad
yet the boy’s hair was curly, his dad’s straight
he was brave like his dad
but he wasn’t, he was afraid
big and strong like his dad
no, he was small with braces on his legs
He wanted to be like his dad
ever trying to earn his approval
but he wasn’t
and he couldn’t
it’s okay dad I understand
and I forgave you long ago
yet there’s a child I remember
who I fear never will