cute children's clothes


> hi!!*
> *RM VLIVE sticker*
> How is everyone doing??
> It’s Children’s day in Korea right!?
> it’s children’s day in Korea*
> it’s children’s day in Korea**
> Is everyone resting??
> On Children’s day
> The Brave of Gold Goldran and
> Digimon games 
> etc. etc. everything I was so excited about
> But in 3 days it will be Parent’s day
> I think I felt worried at the same time
> Life.. is something like that
> 😂
> thx for the*
> still unbelievable appreciate it so much*
> I wish I was a kid again**
> I wish there was a day that both children and adults can rest a little
> Because May is the family month
> Let’s hug our families
> Ay.. if you don’t do it, it will get harder. Even to say I love you
> mother’s and father’s day*
> let’s hug our families with our real arms*
> and mentally too*
> I’m waiting for something
> Anyways
> I’ll write something in fancafe later too
> Bye
> 💜

* = English
** = Japanese

trans: jhope-shi | do not repost without giving credit


Lady and the Tramp baby things: Tramp

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Having children with Mingyu would include:
  • Making breakfast together
  • Being a very interactive dad
  • He would be devoted to his children 
  • Being super cute with his children
  • Matching clothing for trips
  • Cuddling all the time
  • He would make up songs for them
  • He would cuddle his children when they wake up crying
  • Bubble baths and he makes a bubble beard for himself
  • Helping them with their homework when they need it
  • Hard working for them
  • He would be crawling on the floor for them 
  • He would be very active during your pregnancy
  • Would love his children a lot 
  • Giving them similar names 

awkward--cate  asked:

Imagine: Stucky meeting at pride and falling in love and immediately getting married then going to shock the hell out of their mutual friends who have been trying unsuccessfully to get the to meet/set the up together for YEARS!


please tell me steve had rainbow paint on the apple of his li’l cheeks & bucky had crazy neon hair dye & once they noticed each other dancing they couldn’t tear their gaze from the other and they were both a little tipsy and having fun & flirting with everyone around them but slowly gravitating towards each other in the crowd and once they met they never fucking parted for the day

also please tell me the whole “all our friends were trying to set us up for so long” plan was so unsuccessful because from the approximate/awks description their friends gave steve of bucky, and vice versa, they were both like “wow not my type”


So I’ve read the new Chapter of CoL (written by xsonofhadesx b l e s s) and I wanted to make a fanart since a long time and,, , I still can’t believe there’s a scene where Nico’s on the roof and Percy cames and they start to dance and kiss bUT Nico’s so tired that he yawns instead of kissing back I just- 

Maybe one day my drawings of Percy won’t make him looks like he’s 15, but anyway ((and sorry for his clothes ??? ?))