cute cheap clothes

I’m such a hermit lmao. So I have two of my close friends sleeping over my house for the second night in a row right? Like I’ve seen them throughout this entire week and even though I love them to death, I’m the type of person that needs space bc I’m introverted– So I get REALLY drained after hanging with people too much (unless it’s my bf). So for the past two weeks I’ve been surrounded by someone and I haven’t had any solid alone time in a while. Because it’s a Saturday night, one of my friends said she’s going to go out with her bf and then the other friend said she going to hang out with another friend. Instead of joining them, I just gave one of my friends my house keys and told the other one to text me when she comes back LMAO. I wanted to stay home to finish homework and take a nap instead haha.

This is Biteki 美的, I’m just starting this shop that will soon be filled with cute clothes at a reasonable price that will sure fit your tastes. If you’d like to buy anything, send a message, don’t be shy~
Also, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! I know the struggle of liking an item to find that the shipping is overly expensive ;^;