cute charm bracelet

Marichat Headcanon

Okay so Pre-reveal  Marichat headcanon that Chat wants to get Mari something really nice for Christmas but Marinette told him that she’d be mad if he got her something expensive. So he decides to buy her something simple as Chat and something expensive as Adrien (But just because he saw this beautiful silver locket necklace that he thinks would compliment her eyes AND NOT BECAUSE HE HAS A CRUSH ON HER NO PSHHH). But he realizes that they haven’t really talked to each other much when he’s his civilian self and that it would be random and suspicious to get your classmate an expensive silver necklace with a heart-shaped locket. So he decides to just buy Alya and Nino expensive jewelry as well to even things out. The thing is tho that he asked the jewelry store to wrap the gifts for him too and put the name tags on them and they mix up the gifts and names. So while Alya still gets this really cute and simple charm bracelet with a ladybug charm, Nino gets the locket necklace while Marinette gets a bracelet with a simple circle charm that has “To my best bro” engraved in the middle. Nino calls up Adrien and tells him something like “Dude, I know you love me but don’t you think this is a bit over the top?” But still loves the necklace anyway and wears it ALL THE TIME. (Adrien feeling too bad to tell him it was a mistake) while Marinette shows it to Chat the next night and is like: “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??!? DID HE JUST BRO-ZONE ME?”