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Marichat Headcanon

Okay so Pre-reveal  Marichat headcanon that Chat wants to get Mari something really nice for Christmas but Marinette told him that she’d be mad if he got her something expensive. So he decides to buy her something simple as Chat and something expensive as Adrien (But just because he saw this beautiful silver locket necklace that he thinks would compliment her eyes AND NOT BECAUSE HE HAS A CRUSH ON HER NO PSHHH). But he realizes that they haven’t really talked to each other much when he’s his civilian self and that it would be random and suspicious to get your classmate an expensive silver necklace with a heart-shaped locket. So he decides to just buy Alya and Nino expensive jewelry as well to even things out. The thing is tho that he asked the jewelry store to wrap the gifts for him too and put the name tags on them and they mix up the gifts and names. So while Alya still gets this really cute and simple charm bracelet with a ladybug charm, Nino gets the locket necklace while Marinette gets a bracelet with a simple circle charm that has “To my best bro” engraved in the middle. Nino calls up Adrien and tells him something like “Dude, I know you love me but don’t you think this is a bit over the top?” But still loves the necklace anyway and wears it ALL THE TIME. (Adrien feeling too bad to tell him it was a mistake) while Marinette shows it to Chat the next night and is like: “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??!? DID HE JUST BRO-ZONE ME?”


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Stiles stilinski x reader
teen wolf


I was frantically checking everything, making sure it’s all perfect before the girls get here. We decided to have a movie night, a completely normal, teenage sleepover. No supernatural, no parents, no drama and especially no boys! I had even gone to the trouble of building a blanket fort! i was pretty proud of it to be honest. 

when the girls arrived we sat and talked for a while and pizza arrived some time later. Once grabbing everything necessary, not forgetting to leave all of our phones in the kitchen we scrambled into the fort. I was really enjoying myself, we had watched one film and it was late, around midnight so we decided to put on a scary movie. Half way through there was a tap on the window, we looked at each other terrified, then there was a loud knock at the door. naturally we all squished together and started whisper arguing who should answer it. Eventually I got irritated and stood up walking to the door to open it. There was nobody there,I stepped out onto the porch when a rough hand was placed on my shoulder. I screamed and turned around to see the girls run to the door quickly, and Scott, Stiles, Isaac and Aiden laughing hard. I glared and stomped inside leaving the door open for the boys to come inside.

I crossed my arms along with the girls, glaring at the giggling boys.
“that was not nice! why are you even here”  I rolled my eyes. 
“well it’s nice to see you too y/n” Isaac smirked. 
Lydia sighed loudly. “we’re sort of busy right now!” the boys chuckled at her desperation.
“we know, movie night! if you don’t mind we’re going to join you” Scott smiled. we all looked at each other staying silent knowing we’d never be able to get rid of them, so much for no boys then…

the girls crawled back in the ‘fort’ followed by Scott, Isaac and Aiden. Stiles held his hand out in front of him gesturing for me to go first, i smiled as i tried to control my heart racing as there were now four wolves in the room.

i may have a little teeny crush on Stiles. OK,no huge lie. I’m inevitably beyond in love with him. we met in nursery, he and Scott were best friends and me and Lydia were too. we were playing in the sand pit when little 4 year old Scott comes over to ask if he and his friend can play too, we agreed and immediately all became friends. I took a special interest in Stiles but he never re-cooperated. He had a major crush on Lydia. Then when high school came Lydia got more glamorous, she started wearing more make-up and going out with boys. I started wearing make up too but I didn’t need any other boys than the two i already had.we remained best friends always but she started ignoring Scott and stiles. i was still as close to them as ever but it was hard because Lydia insisted i sit with her and her group including her pig boyfriend Jackson. They understood of course and were fine with it because they knew afterwards I’d go straight to them to tell them everything. 

Then Allison came to school and Lydia and I’s twosome became a threesome. Then Malia and Kira. I’ve felt a bit awkward sitting with the pack nowadays though, Scott was With Kira, Allison with Isaac, Lydia with Aiden and Stiles with Malia to my dismay. Then me… During the movie they were all sitting close and sharing small kisses now and then. So half way through it I slipped out the side of the fort. I went to the bathroom and shit it quietly so they wouldn’t realise I’m gone. I slid down the wall letting a tear slip. Loneliness is always awful but when you have to watch your crush all lovey dovey with one of your best friends it’s heartbreaking. I sniffled feeling pathetic for crying, I’m not this weak, he’s just a boy. I sighed fidgeting with the cute little charm bracelet Stiles had made me when we were five. Surprisingly it still fit and i almost never take it off. I stood up walking to the sink, gulping the lump in my throat away and splashing my face with water. i opened the door and walked into the kitchen making a hot chocolate, grabbing a blanket and going to sit outside gazing at the stars. A cough interrupted my daze when i looked to the side seeing scott standing awkwardly, i pat the couch next top holding half of the blanket out for him to wrap himself in. 

“i uh, I noticed you were missing so i followed you and heard you crying in the bathroom. what’s wrong?” his eyes soft and softened even more when my eyes became moist. He pulled me to his chest squeezing me tight, I mirrored him clinging onto his waist.
“I just feel so lost, and out of place your all being romantic in there then there’s just me and I’m sick of it, and I couldn’t watch him and her be like that” I stepped back when I realised what I said. He smirked
“watch who y/n?” he hummed.
“ Allison and Isaac, yeah them I know a little bit of you still loves her even if you love Kira now…” I trailed off hoping he believed me.
“you don’t need to lie to me buttercup, I know you’ve been in love with him since nursery! ” he whispered pecking my forehead.  I gasped.
“ am I that obvious? ” he shook his head before replying.  
“ no, but I’m your best friend. I know you and don’t think I haven’t noticed you never take that stupid bracelet off. He gave it to you when we were little didn’t he? He spent hours trying to make it pretty for you” he laughed. I blushed looking down.
“it wasn’t hours it was like one…” Stiles’ voice interrupted. My mouth dropped open and I hid behind Scott my face beet red. I kept my eyes closed clinging onto the back of Scott t shirt, I could feel the rumble of his chest as he spoke.
“did you hear everything? ” Stiles chuckled. “yeah, is it true? You love me?” Scott walked out of the room exposing me to Stiles. He walked closer and I turn away letting a tear drip down. I felt his firm chest press against my back and his warm breath on my neck.
“please just go” my voice came out fragile. His lips touched my ear softly.
“no” he whispered.
“please” I begged.
“no” he said and turned me around quickly cupping my face and kissing me. I kissed back immediately feeling his soft lips engulfing mine, the moment I’ve been waiting for since I met him. Suddenly I gasped stepping back and slapping him. He hardly flinched but held his face.
“what was that for!” he hissed.
“your girlfriend is literally inside! I can’t believe I just done that, I’m so sorry!” I spluttered quickly. He started laughing and cupped my face stroking my cheek.
“were not together anymore, we haven’t been for 3 days, we just didn’t know how to tell people so we kept up the act… It sounds stupid I know. And it’s not your fault, I kissed you. Malia and I decided we were better friends than lovers. She also knew I could never fully commit to her because I’m in love with someone else. The same person who just bitch slapped me, damn you’d be good in a fight” he giggled.
“so what does that mean for us?” I tried to control the grin. He linked our fingers together, picking me up with the other so my legs wrapped around his waist. Holding me up with one hand, I didn’t know he was so strong. My hands joined together fisting the back of his hair.

“will you finally be my girlfriend?” he stated into my eyes.
“ew no” I spat teasingly kissing him, he smiled into the kiss until we were interrupted by loud cheers. The pack came out smiling. Stiles turned around so we could both look at them comfortably.
“finally!” Lydia yelled. Malia gave me a small smile. I just kissed Stiles again. Resting our foreheads together he whispered.
“ I love you”
“I love you too Stiles”

Merry Christmas, Marinette

(Slight spoilers if you haven’t seen the Christmas Special yet! I got this idea after I watched it and only now got around to actually writing it. Super fluffy and extremely cute material for Adrinette shippers!)

This Christmas morning was much better than Adrien had thought it would be. He knew it had to be because of the dinner last night. It was great to spend the night with his friends. After the dinner they went to the living room and exchanged presents before everyone left.

Things were definitely different without his mom there but it was a great morning. Adrien was currently sitting next to the tree surrounded by gold wrapping paper and the best presents money could buy, including an advanced copy of Mecha Strike IV that wasn’t due to come out till next month.

Maybe since school and all of Adrien’s lessons were on hold he could invite his friends over again to hang out. They could play Mecha Strike IV! Nino, Max, Marinette for sure!


Adrien felt his heart drop into his stomach. Just thinking about her made him feel guilty all over again. He didn’t realize it until he saw her last night that he had felt so bad about giving her gift away. At the time he had been so sure about what he was doing but when he saw her at the dinner the guilt hit. She probably spent a lot of time making that hat for him and he just gave it away.

He apologized to her and she assured him that she wasn’t angry or upset but it didn’t make him feel any better. It was still gnawing at him as the morning went on. There had to be something he could to make this better. He called up Alya for ideas.


“Hey, Alya, I need some advice.”

“Sure thing, on what?”


“Oh…what’s the occasion?”

“Well, Marinette had made me a really nice hat for Christmas and I ended up giving it to someone else. It’s not that I didn’t like it I just wasn’t thinking and I want to make it up to her.”

“Adrien, if you explain the situation to her I know she won’t be able to hold it against you.”

“I know, I mean I did. But I still want to get her something. Any ideas?”

“Okay, what did you get her last night?” Alya asked.

“A charm bracelet.”

“Cute, describe it.”

“It’s silver. There’s little charms shaped like a spool, a video game controller, pink charms since it’s her favorite color, a hamster, blue charms to match her eyes, some flowers, a croissant–Alya? Are you laughing?”

“No, not at all. It’s just adorable how much thought you put into it. I don’t see how you could top that.”


“Okay, you obviously know what she likes. Just take that and work with it. I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

“Right, thanks.” Adrien hung up and stared up at the ceiling in defeat. What could he get her? What could he give her that no one else could?


Marinette was sitting in the living room with her parents when they heard someone knocking on the door. “I’ll get it.” Marinette hopped off the couch and bound for the door.

She opened the door and froze. “Adrien, oh, uh, w-what are here you doing? I mean you here doing? I mean…come in?”

“Thanks.” he smiled and she stepped back so he could come in. What was Adrien doing in her house?! Oh no she was in her pajamas! Her hair was a mess! Was there food in her teeth? Did she have morning breath? Had the cocoa dyed her teeth brown? Why was this happening?!

“Oh is that Adrien?” Marinette’s mom beamed at them, “Merry Christmas, would you like a cup of hot cocoa?”

“Thanks but I can’t stay long, the Gorilla’s waiting outside.” he explained then turned back toward Marinette who was trying in vain to tidy her hair. “Here.” he held out a pink package with a big curly white bow on top. “I still felt bad about giving away your hat like I did so I got you this.”

“You really didn’t need to do that.” she felt her face flushing, “I said it was fine, I understand why you did.”

“I know but I insist.” he pressed the present towards her, “Please.”

Marinette took the present and carefully tore the paper off. Inside was a light blue sketchbook. “Oh, a new sketchbook. Thanks.”

“Open it.” he was grinning with the light of a thousand suns.

She flipped open the cover. There was already a sketch inside. She flipped another page and there were more fashion sketches. Literally everything from blazers to gloves. “Wait, is this…?”

“One of my dad’s old sketchbooks. I know that he’s your favorite designer and he had no use for it anymore so I asked if I could give it to you. He remembered you from the derby hat contest and trusted that you would treat it well. I thought that maybe it could give you some ideas for your own designs.”

“This is…” she couldn’t help the smile that split her face, “This is amazing. Thank you so much!”

“I’m glad you like it.” he rocked back on his heels, “I should get going I guess. After last night I don’t want to push my luck with my dad, you know?”

“Of course, I’ll uh, I’ll walk you down.” She ignored the adoring glances from her parents and walked Adrien downstairs.

“Thanks again for the sketchbook and the bracelet. You know you really shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble.” she flashed the charm bracelet on her wrist.

“It was no trouble at all and now,” he rolled up his coat sleeve to reveal the lucky charm bracelet she had lent him, “We match.”

You could have lit up the Eiffel Tower for a decade from the burst of nervous affection that thrummed through Marinette’s heart. There was whistle up above them and Marinette and Adrien looked up to see where it had come from. There appeared to be nothing but Marinette could have sworn she saw a flash of red zoom out towards the bakery.

What was Tikki…doing…


She clenched the sketchbook harder to her chest. Adrien and her were standing under the mistletoe! This was not a drill!

“Ha ha, looks like we got caught under the mistletoe.” Adrien gave a nervous laugh. Was she dreaming or was his face turning pink?

“Y-Yeah, you can just ignore that. My parents put it up every year it’s really nothing you need to–” she was cut off by a quick peck to her already scorching red cheek.

She stared unblinking at Adrien who was also glowing bright like a Christmas light. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to, I mean I did mean to but I uh–” he clammed up again fumbling behind him for the door handle. “M-Merry Christmas, Marinette!”

She gave a small wave as he stumbled out into the street toward the waiting car. “Adrien!” she called from the door, “Merry Christmas!”

He smiled back at her before waving goodbye and sliding into the car. She watched the car disappear before letting out a loud squee of delight. Best Christmas EVER!


Pokemon Energy Charm Bracelet - First Generation

This light, colorful bracelet features the first energy types introduced into the Pokemon game and TCG. Each charm is hand-cut from energy cards out of my own stock and laid in settings with glass cabochons.

Fun fact, the cards I used to make this were only made in that style for the base set print! So they really are a blast from the past!

The charms are not heavy or bulky and the chain secures with an easy-to-use toggle clasp. It looks great when stacked with other bracelets, too!

Reblogging and Liking my jewelry posts really helps my stuff get exposure! I appreciate each and every one of you that enjoy my work enough to like and share it, on any platform. You guys are amazing :D


Thank you all SO much for passing this post around. I can’t believe how much craziness you guys gave it!


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"Uh huh.." She couldn't stop the irregular beating of her heart. Every time she moved her wrist the little charms jingled against each other. Prom will notice it right away, no doubt. When a hand moved to comb a loose hair strand she couldn't stop the shriek that left her mouth. "Y-YOU S-SURPRIS-SED M-ME! I-I'm sorry!" She covered her mouth with both hands. Just in that second, Prom showed in the door. A huge plush toy on his arms. That was baaad. ~* Honey (Gotta go fast! There is no time xD)

Ardyn quickly steps away and vanishes into thin as soon as Prompto could be heard entering the roo.. He wouldn’t want unnecessary drama to start because of his presence, especially on this special day for you. Instead, he merely watches from outside as Prompto hands you the plush in his arms, and gushing over how cute the little charm bracelet looks on you. With a smile tugging at his lips, Ardyn tells himself that he’s done a good job before making his way to do…other things.