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dating jongdae would include...

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  • “dae dae dae dae daEEEEEEEE”
  • having to deal with trolling and whining
  • tbh he’ll know when his trolling goes too far
  • if it does go too far he’d go out and buy a shit ton of your favorite foods so he won’t have to sleep on the couch that night
  • so basically hand holding, kisses, and hugs in public all the time
  • that is, only if you feel comfortable
  • occasional suggestive looks (i mean probably all the time) but that’s most likely not him trolling you ;)
  • his overall cheerful and bright persona playing a big role in your relationship
  • him singing high notes when he’s stressed so you’re like “oh there he goes again” and then you go cheer him up
  • innuendos all over the place, like from the simplest things in daily life 
  • his cheekbones and lips have to be the end of you
  • him trying to act super sexy towards you but in your eyes it ends up being hella cute 
  • lowkey strangling him inside of your head because he has no idea what those high notes do to you
  • him getting mad when you forget to give him either a good night or good morning kiss
  • and then he makes you pepper his face with 561098237509 kisses
  • jamming out to cbx all the time
  • him and his adorable voice just basically makes you meltdown 
  • sending out subtle hints of your relationship on variety shows/interviews/behind the scenes that don’t completely reveal everything but you still know what he’s referring too and stuff like that just makes your relationship so special
  • although he might be a sarcastic and whiny ass sometimes he really shows the softer and caring side of him towards you and spoils you so much with his affection


completed: 1/30/17

when they accidentally reveal their relationship on an interview (OT9)

some of you have been asking me why i usually only write about OT9; I’ve only been into kpop since July of 2016 so i’m not that familiar with the other three members that left. I still watched all of EXO Showtime but I don’t feel as comfortable to write about them fearing I won’t be able to express them as well as the other members :(


suho: tries to smoothly cover it up but instead cracks a really lame joke causing the interviewer to move on to next question right away

chanyeol: “wait what did i say? haha sorry i didn’t hear myself” *highkey dies inside*

kyungsoo: *internally slaps himself* he wanted to protect you from all the hate before both of you felt comfortable to announce your relationship but whups he fucked all those plans up

sehun: bish das right she mah girlfrand

baekhyun: brushes it off because he was proud of his relationship with you but the realizes how many ways you’re planning to murder him once he comes back home

kai: starts blushing and getting all giddy once the members and interviewer start teasing him

xiumin: honestly, he did it intentionally. he knew you both were ready to take your relationship to the next level and he felt as though a weight has been lifted off his shoulders

chen: starts whining at everyone to shut the hell up and move on with the interview

yixing: unlike xiumin, he didn’t want to reveal his relationship quite yet. although he truly loved you, he wasn’t sure if you were prepared for this step in the relationship. lay would post a message on his social media to tell/express to the fans how much he loves you and how he hopes they will treat her with kindness


this was all mixed with crack and fluff lmao what HHAHAHAHAHA