cute chameleon


Thot Walk


💕So I fell in love with this little articulated chameleon today! Just look at his cute lil tail curl💕

Hello! I work for my school’s natural history collections so I understand all the laws and have all the permits I need to care for my dead things. This piece is not a personal collection piece, but the schools.

AAAah ! Oh la la, ils sont trop mignon !!

I got a lot of requests to make these two awesome characters and I couldn’t resist to animate them ^^

I really love their design, it’s so simple and adorable, it really make me feel happy !

I enjoyed a lot Banjo and Kazooie when I was young and still enjoy it, so I’m ready to live a new epic adventure with two epic heroes !

I saw that they reached their goal, I’m really happy for all the team, they worked hard so we had to show that we are still there, supporting !

I wish all of the best for the Playtonic team, can’t wait to play and listen to all the song !! (I listened to ukulele song while making this ^U^)

Yooka and Laylee (Really love their names !) belongs to Playtonicgames.