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April second twenty seventeen
Breakfast outside ft my neighbors’ cat. Please let April continue like this ☀️

anonymous asked:

What if the paladins ended up with kittens the same colors as their lions somehow?

“Uhhhhh,” Lance said, voice hoarse from sleep. He rubbed his sleep ridden eyes and looked down at his chest, “What?”

There was a small creature laying on his chest. He didn’t recall owning any creatures.

The small animal turned its head to Lance slowly and Lance braced himself, expecting to be faced with a hideous and scary alien creature. Lance held his hand close to himself and got ready to whack the thing sat upon him but- as the thing faced him fully- Lance realised it was the exact same as a small, harmless, cute, fluffy cat. The cat jumped up in excitement when it noticed Lance was awake, it mewed at Lance and licked his cheek.

Lance was immediate putty. He lowered his hand and sat up, gently pulling the cat like creature into his palms and setting it down on his lap. 

“Aren’t you just adorable,” Lance cooed gently and pet its head softly. The cat nuzzled into Lance’s hands and Lance had to hold back a squeal. He held the cat for a few doboshes before startling and scaring the cat in the process.

“Oh, should we go find where you came from?!” Lance asked and lifted it up, bringing it to his face and rubbing their noses together. The cat let out a tiny sneeze and Lance melted.

He put the cat down on his bed and stood up. He quickly shrugged on his jacket and picked the cat up once again.

The cat clawed its way up Lance’s sleeve- careful not to actually scratch Lance in the process- and settled down on Lance’s shoulder. Lance blushed happily at the cute animal and resisted squeezing its little paws.

He walked gently, so he wouldn’t drop the cat sat precariously on his shoulder. As he got to the dining hall he saw the others sitting on the table normally.

Pidge looked up as Lance made his way into the room and dropped her tablet in shock. “Lance!?” Pidge yelled and stood up, gawking at the thing on his shoulder. “Is that real?!” 

The others took notice of the cat perched upon Lance’s shoulder and exclaimed in various levels of shock. 

 “Yeah… I woke up and it was just there? I was hoping Allura or Coran would know where it came from.” Lance answered and scratched behind the cats ears.

Hunk came out of the kitchen. “What’s going o- Ah!” Hunk tripped over, spilling the tray of food that was in his hands and landing with a thud. A loud, surprised meow came from Hunk’s feet. 

Everyone rushed over to Hunk and saw a cat. It was slightly larger than the blue one sat upon Lance’s shoulder and was yellow.

“… Is this some type of Voltron thing?” Lance spoke up and lent Hunk his arm. Hunk took his hand and got up. 

 “We’ll have to ask Allura.” Shiro said and the others agreed. The all turned to leave to the control deck and began walking as a group.

Pidge lagged behind while fiddling on her tablet and felt the air shift around her. She glanced around curiously before looking back down. A mistake on her behalf.

A hiss sounded from above her and she glanced up in shock “Ah!” Pidge yelled and held up her tablet protectively as she was ambushed from above.

A small, green cat dropped from the roof and onto Pidge’s head. Pidge’s hand shot up and pulled the cat down by the scruff of its neck. 

She held it in front of her face and stared at the cat for a ticks before blinking in surprise when it licked her nose.”Wow…. never seen a green cat before.”

She placed it on the floor gently with a scratch behind the ears before continuing and it stumbled behind her.

Hunk picked the yellow cat up and held it in his hands. 

All of a sudden the castle alarms are blaring, red bathing the room and the paladins take off running. Lance carefully pulled the cat into his arms and sprinted to the control room.

When they arrive the control room was in a panic.  Coran was running around frantically, fiddling with the computers and Allura was running a deep scan of the ship.

“Princess?” Shiro yelled.

“The lions are gone!” Allura yelled and frowned. The paladins looked at each other and at the cats- the weirdly colour co-ordinated cats- before turning to the panicked Altaens.

“I think we might have them?” Shiro said as he looked at the cats in doubt “Maybe?”

“What do you mean?!” Allura snapped and spun on them, she immediately took note of the cat perched on Lance and shrieked. 

“Oh not again!” Allura groaned exasperatedly. The cats blinked at her innocently and Allura frowned.

“What do you mean ‘again’?” Pidge asked and Allura sighed.

“… I remember when I was a child this happened, they never knew why but one day they suddenly had real cats instead of mechanic lions.” Allura stated and sighed. “Coran will remember more that I.”

Coran stopped running about and stood next to the princess looking a bit frazzled. “Ah yes. It was quite an eventful couple of days-” Coran twirled his moustache. “-if I remember correctly they were only in this form for about a week? Maybe-”

Keith spotted a flash of red and chocked.

“He- Ack!” Keith yelped as a cat jumped on his face, he tried to pry it off but to no avail. The red cat hissed at Keith and purposefully made it’s way on top of Keith’s head. It sat proudly above the heads of everyone else and seemed to haughtily stare down at everyone.

“So there’s Red, Blue, Yellow and Green…. Where’s Black Shiro?” Allura asked and looked around.

“I’m not sure, it all happened very fast” Shiro said and looked lost. He jumped when he heard a quiet mew from right next to his ear, he whipped his head around and locked eyes with a cat as dark as the vacuum around them. “Found her…,”

The black cat hung off of Shiro’s back and seemed to smile at Shiro. Lance pulled the cat off of Shiro’s back so it wouldn’t fall off and handed it to Shiro.

“…….They will return to normal soon enough, why don’t you go and bond with you lions?” Allura sighed and brought her hand to her head, drained.

The paladins all looked at each other and shrugged, leaving the princess to recuperate.

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