cute bunting


I made this studyblr a few weeks ago, and have yet to properly introduce myself, so here goes!

 - my name is lauren

 - this is a sideblog, i follow with @cchasingthesun 

- i’m a sixteen year old junior in high school

 - i have an 8 class schedule, and i’m taking apush, ap lit, honors chem, honors spanish 3, pre-calc, gym, elections (which is, you guessed it, about the 2016 election, but these days its about current us politics), and an independent study for writing 

- i want to go to school for either political science or social work 

- i’m on my schools life of a student, justice committee, diversity club, and youth & government

- i work at an elementary after school program four days a week

- i dance three days a week

 - i’m going to poland over april break and am attempting to learn some basic polish 

- my work ethic and study habits both leave something to be desired and thats why i made this blog, on a journey to improve both of those things

 some of my favorite studyblrs include: @memoirs-of-a-high-school-student @gaystudies, @apricot-studies, @intellectus, @studylustre and @stvdy-ing

anonymous asked:

Holds out a cute little tame bunny, "You wanted a cute animal that could Bunt you."

☠〖ᴇᴠɪʟ ʙᴏʏ ɢᴇɴɪᴜs〗☠
     An adoring coo left his mouth, taking the soft brown bunny into
     his hands. It fit in one of them easily, it must’ve been just a baby !
     Or a really small breed. Nudging his fingers against its little head,
     he smiled slowly, ❝ Sure hope you weren’t expecting me to
     RETURN this little guy. Is it native to the area ? Got anymore ?
     Got any BIG ones ?

Ask and you totally will receive! Meet the Daily Doodle Planner. Hand drawn by me, this planner has a ton of cute features that are sure to help you plan out your day better. 

  • Features a cute little bunting flag to write the date and little faces that can be coloured in to describe your mood
  • This planner features a hourly planner that starts at 7AM and goes until 12AM. Perfect for scheduling your meetings, classes or simply planning study time. 
  • A small to do list with check boxes
  • BLD boxes to track and plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • A ‘Little Reminders’ section for an inspirational quote or those things you just cannot forget
  • Hydrate cups
  • Workout and No Spend checkboxes to help you stay on track

Love what you see? This printable is available for download on my Etsy shop, The Average Blonde (click the name to head there). If you order before Sunday, you can use the code TUMBLR to get 25% off of your purchase! <3