cute break up poems

You may have left me physically, but you never left my thoughts. I still ache, waiting for your presence. I would do absolutely anything to have you in my arms, I don’t see you coming by, so I let you live on inside my imagination. The sad truth is that I love someone that I could never be with. That’s what hurts me the most.

There’s only one way to express it…
I was surprised.

Surprised you left, not even a moment to hesitate.
The heartbreak was something I didn’t anticipate.
You were my one and only,
And now I am feeling a little lonely.
I don’t get why you did this to me,
I understand you just wanted to be free.

I wish I had a moments warning,
but you left before the clock struck morning.
I miss your voice saying “Goodbye”
And the warmth of your hand on my thigh.

I guess this is how it was supposed to be,
And I guess I have no choice but to let you free.

You were my first love,
and maybe I gave you too much a shove…

I hate that you went away…
But I can’t change that now.
Maybe I’ll see you again someday?

—  Again Someday
Dani Moore