cute boyfriend nicknames

My boyfriend got me this elephant necklace because I told him I dislike elephants on jewelry (he’s extremely ironic) and he calls me his ‘elephant’ whenever I wear it (to remind me how hilarious he is)
So today we were in a dessert parlour and I come back with napkins and he goes “there’s my little elephant” and I hEAR A GASP FROM THE TABLE BESIDE US AND THESE TWO YOUNG LADIES ARE LOOKING AT ME AS IF THEY HE INSULTED MY ANCESTORS AND WERE WAITING FOR ME TO SMACK HIM IN THE FACE. And now he’s too afraid to call me his little elephant in public.

the signs as gross pet names

aries: honey bunches of oats
taurus: cuddle bug
gemini: buttface
cancer: shnookums
leo: bebeboo
virgo: bugaroo
libra: cutie patooti
scorpio: muffin
sagittarius: pooky/pooky bear
capricorn: poopsy-doodle
aquarius: teeny tiny strawberry pastry
pisces: cutie booty

anonymous asked:

What Marko Pjaca girlfriend would be like and what kind of boyfriend he would be please

I imagine her to have a dark bob of straight chin-length hair with side bangs and her eyes are dark brown. She is tanned and can only reach as high as Marko’s shoulders. She wears minimal makeup but her favorite is lipstick in dark shades of red or purple. She’s comfortable to wear any type of clothes, from loose t-shirts to plaid shirts, from jeans and shorts to skirts and dresses, but she prefers sneakers and ballet flats and only wears heels to formal events.

She loves traveling and photography and is a huge football fan. She is outgoing and adventurous, whether it’s trying out new food or going to unusual places for holidays. Marko goes along with it and actually enjoys it. They both love animals. They are a rather private couple and can be seen in public merely holding hands or having their arms around each other, with the occasional peck on the lips. Same goes with their selfies. She is very active on Instagram and posts pictures of her travels, her photography subjects and football (Marko’s teams to be exact). One of her favorite photography subjects is, of course, Marko.

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rose-qtz  asked:

It's funny to read ur asks and posts about Oliver cause it's my boyfriends name. Cute nicknames include but are not limited to: Oluboo, Olubur, Oleep, KoaliOli, Olibear and simply Olu.

awwww cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeee

the4thmagi  asked:

He can pout all he wants bUT ALADDIN IS NOT GONNA MISS THE CHANCE TO KISS THE CUTE BOYFRIEND. Time to grab a hold of him anD DIP HIS ASS BEFORE PRESSING HIS LIPS AGAINST JUDAR'S. "Baby, you're my forever boy."

Que a lot of baffled noises coming from the fallen magi both of protest and confusion that causes a bit of flailing and hissing that makes them both lose their balance due to his panic, falling onto the floor, “I wasn’t ready for that!!“ He complained, recalling the last time he was picked up in such a way by him that made his embarrassment all too obvious.

There is a bit of guilt he made them tip over, lying on the ground with Aladdin on top and after a small groan he pulls him in for a makeup kiss, “Call me baby again and I’ll pinch you,”

daydreaminglikeabadass  asked:

for the domestic ship meme, can i ask for bokuaka? :D

Of course! Bokuto/Akaashi:

  • Who’s more dominant:


  • Who’s the cuddler:


  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:

Ohh, I like the idea of little spoon Bokuto, but I think that only happens when Bokuto is having a breakdown. Otherwise he just curls himself around Akaashi.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:

Volleyball, absolutely. Or what if they both end up doing yoga together omg that would be like really freaking adorable. 

  • Who uses all the hot water:

Bokuto. Akaashi knows that hot water does more damage to skin/hair, but Bokuto just craves that muscle relaxation.

  • Most trivial thing they fight over:

It’s probably how much money Bokuto spends on hair gel. Akaashi wishes he’d just invest in serums and oils and actually take care of his hair, and not just sculpt it every day. 

  • Who does most of the cleaning:

I think they both do their fair share.. Bokuto makes more of the messes, though, and he ends up feeling bad if he sees Akaashi cleaning after him, so he ends up doing more of it. 

  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue:

So of course they’ve invested in a sports TV package so they can get coverage of events that wouldn’t be on “prime time.” Especially because I don’t think volleyball is that popular in Japan? Bokuto watches anime and comedy variety shows, which Akaashi can tolerate up to a point. Akaashi prefers murder mystery shows and Bokuto has no stomach for those so Akaashi can only watch them when Bokuto’s not home.

  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:  

Bokuto thinks it’s his responsibility as the Ace of Akaashi’s heart to always be his hero. But that usually involves him trying to fix stuff himself. Akaashi is the one who calls the landlord when Bokuto gets dejected after he can’t do the thing.

  • Who leaves their stuff around:

Both of them, tbh. Bokuto leaves pillows and gym shoes and his wallet all over the place. Akaashi will put down books or papers and get busy with other things. And both of them leave dishware and mugs on the coffee table regularly.

  • Who remembers to buy the milk:

They keep a pad of paper on the fridge for grocery lists, and whoever is going to make the trip plucks the current list off with him. 

  • Who remembers anniversaries:  

Both of them. Akaashi is very organized and will put things in his phone to help him remember (order the cake, deadline to get the gift, etc.). Bokuto remembers out of pure sentimentality (”Akaashi, this is the day we shared our first ice cream kiss!”)

  • Who cooks normally:

Bokuto, I could see him being a good cook. Somehow I feel like Akaashi would just be a disaster in the kitchen, even when he follows a recipe exactly.

  • How often do they fight:

They squabble a lot. Fights are rare because Akaashi is very protective of Bokuto’s sensitive feelings, but sometimes frustrations get the better of him and he lashes out? That probably is like, an annual thing. Rare.

  • What do they do when they’re away from each other:

Akaashi is a perfectly fully functioning adult. Bokuto shows everyone photos of his super cute boyfriend from his cellphone. 

  • Nicknames for each other:

Akaashi calls Bokuto “Kou.” Bokuto will just draw out Akaashi’s surname, sort of playfully referencing the way he called for him in high school. “A-kaaaaaaa-shiiii!” 

  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner:

When they settle in together, they share a bank account. Before that, it’s definitely a source of contention. Bokuto feels an obligation as “senpai” (and again, Ace of Akaashi’s heart), but then Akaashi protests that he’s a man too, and he doesn’t want to feel demeaned. Bokuto does it more often but Akaashi will surprise him by paying for more expensive meals on special occasions before Bokuto can reach for his wallet.

  • Who steals the covers at night:

When Bokuto isn’t spooning him, Akaashi does; he got used to sleeping surrounded by warmth.

  • What would they get each other for gifts:

Bokuto has trouble with big gifts, because Akaashi is hard to shop for, but whenever he sees something cute that makes him think of his boyfriend he’ll pick it up even without an occasion. Things like keychains and hair clips and sweets and matching house slippers. Akaashi claims that Bokuto is spoiled enough so he reserves gifts for Christmas and Bokuto’s birthday and their anniversary, and those are general nice quality things that Bokuto needs (”No, Bokuto, a grown man cannot use a Doreamon wallet, this is a nice leather one… Fine, you can put stickers on it.”)

  • Who kissed who first:

Akaashi kissed Bokuto first.

  • Who made the first move:

Bokuto technically, acting purely on instinct and not really considering the signals he was putting out. So many touches because “I want to be close to you, Akaaaashi!” without considering why he felt that way.

  • Who remembers things:

Bokuto remembers little things, like “Oh, Akaashi, remember that crepe shop we went to after your economics final sophomore year, how you fed me your strawberries? You used to be so cute!”

Akaashi has a more general memory based around the strong emotions Bokuto’s been able to coax out of him.

  • Who started the relationship:

Akaashi. Bokuto would never have been able to take that step for fear of rejection. 

  • Who cusses more:

Bokuto, especially when he has some drinks. He’s rowdy. 

  • What would they do if the other one was hurt:

Depending on the situation, take care of the other or call emergency services. Bokuto would cry while doing the tending/making the call, but Akaashi can’t really connect to the emotional reaction until the physical situation is dealt with and he knows Bokuto will be okay.

  • Who is the dirty talker:

I was going to say Bokuto, but I actually love the idea that it’s Akaashi who says filthy things and Bokuto who goes red to the tips of his ears. 

  • A head canon:

Bokuto likes to bury his head inside of Akaashi’s shirts while Akaashi is wearing them, and just nuzzle his belly and soothe himself on his boyfriend’s smell. Akaashi has started buying pajama shirts a few sizes up because he hates his clothes being stretched out but wants to be accommodating.