cute boyfriend and girlfriend


you looked at him through your long lashes, eyes peering over the pages of the book you were pretending to read. he was popular; star of the football team, tons of friends, all the girls wanted him and all of the guys wanted to be him. he sat diagonal a few seats in front of you, and as hard as you tried, your eyes couldn’t focus on the words in front of you, but instead they kept drifting in his direction, staring at him as he copied notes into his notebook. you couldn’t help but notice every small thing about him, like from how effortlessly his brown hair was styled to the way his eyes darted over the page he was writing on. you were completely and utterly in a daze as you stared at him in awe, which is why when he glanced in your direction, you were frozen in your place. coming to your senses you gasped quietly and hid behind your book in hopes of hiding the deep blush on your cheeks and the fact that you were so blantantly staring at him. distracted by your own embarrassment you didn’t notice the smile on his face, because as curious as you were about him, he was just as curious about you, too.

(wooooo a small blurb because I’m way too tired to write a full imagine :( but I wrote this supa fast without proofreading, just a lil something I thought up a few minutes ago. it’s cute but cliche but who cares not me!!!! maybe I’ll write a full imagine on this idk, is anyone even reading this still idk, but gn ♡)

clingy and annoying doesn’t bother me when it’s from the right person, i literally do not mind if my boyfriend sends me a picture of a car he likes at 3am even if I’m not really into cars, his first thought was ‘i know imma send that to my girlfriend’ and yes i love that shit

Concept: taking a road trip with you, but not having a set destination. We’re just enjoying the open road, our favorite music, each other’s company, and the endless possibilities of where we could end up.