cute boy been being nice to me too

guys. I’ve been hanging around with my bestfriend all weekend, house sitting and for the past few days her weed buddy (a very, very, VERY, attractive boy) has come and hung out with us. ….and he’s being wAAAAY too nice to me. like, he’s actually talking to me, HE IS GENUINELY interested in conversation with me. he includes me. he offered me a drink, and he’s so cute… guyyyyyys GUYS, but :’( he’s off limits cause my friend is interested in him <\3

Sleep Deprivation- Conor Maynard Imagine

Author’s Note: Ok guys this is my very FIRST imagine! So please be nice. I just wanted to try and write this cute idea that came to me randomly, I hope you like it!

Word Count: 763

Summary: You and Conor recently had a baby. With being a new parent, Conor back in the studio, and sleep problems, it gets to be too much. However you don’t want pull him away from work. You want to handle it on your own. 


You were a new mother. It had been a little over 2 months since you and Conor had your little man. A beautiful baby boy named Everett. Everett Colin Maynard. For the most part he was a pretty happy baby, but he seemed to hate it when his dad was away.

Conor’s a great dad. Very hands on and involved. Which you loved, but he also had to go back to work. He was putting a lot of time into finishing his second album. Which meant many late nights in the studio. Leaving you and Everett alone. You didn’t want to make him worry and have him put his music on hold. You wanted to prove you could handle being a new parent. But sleep deprivation was starting to wear on you. The house wasn’t very tidy and you were getting stressed out. For whatever reason the past couple nights Everett would cry on and off nonstop. You just could not get him to sleep. You tried everything. Bouncing him, rocking him, feeding him, giving him a pacifier. Nothing seemed to be working. 

One night, you were sat in the nursery with your wailing infant. Rocking back and forth, trying to soothe him with a soft voice. 

“C'mon Everett. Shh…baby it’s ok. Please try to go to sleep. Mommy is so tired!” you pleaded.

 You instantly knew you needed some help, but you weren’t going to bother Conor. You looked at the clock which read 1 am. Surely Jack would be awake. You reached for your cell phone on the changing table and dialed him. 

It rang a couple times before you heard a sleepy voice say, “HHelllooo? What is it (Y/N)? Everything ok?" 

"Hi Jack, I’m sorry to wake you..but I could really use some help. I’m just so tired. The baby won’t stop crying….” You started to sob. “I’ve tried everything and Conor’s in the studio recording and I…I.." 

 Jack interrupted you, ”(Y/N) alright, alright. Try to take a deep breath for me.“

 You took a few deep breaths. 

"Good. Very good. Ok, I’m going to hang up now and come over to help straight away alright?" 

"Thank you Jack” you sighed.

~A few minutes later you heard the door unlock~

“Jack, we’re in the nursery."you called.

 Footsteps drew close to the nursery and the door creaked open. Everett still crying in your arms. You turned around in surprise to see not Jack, but Conor standing in front of you. 

"Hey! What are you doing home? I thought you weren’t going to be back for a couple more hours.”, you cried and pulled him in for a kiss.

He stood there and smiled at you. 

“Jack called me and said you were in tears and sounded absolutely exhausted. Why didn’t you tell me you were having a hard time with little man love?” he asked.

“I don’t know. ” you whined. “I guess I just didn’t want you to postpone your music any farther. I thought I could juggle everything and handle this new mom thing. But I’m not going to lie, it’s really fucking exhausting." 

He laughed. He brought his hand to your chin, so your eyes were level with his."Hey look at me gorgeous. We’re a family. Family is everything to me. As much as I love music and how hard I’ve been trying to complete this album, you two will always come first.”

Your heartfelt moment was soon interrupted by baby cries. 

"Now you give him to me and go to our room to get some rest. Go on! We’ll be fine!” he insisted. 

You handed the baby over to him and walked towards the door. Before you headed to go back to bed, you decided to look in on the boys. As you crept back towards the nursery, it was quiet. You peeked through the crack in the doorway to see Conor sat in the rocking chair. He began singing a lullaby and rocking gently back and forth. 

“Light up, light up.. As if you have a choice. Even if you cannot hear my voice I’ll be right beside you dear…” (Run- Snow Patrol)

He sang Everett one of his favorite early covers. Yours too.

You stood there thinking about how grateful you were to have Conor. Not only was he an amazing man, he was an amazing father. Even though you were exhausted, the house was in disarray, and you were kinda clueless about this whole parenting thing, you had your boys. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Little Red Riding Riot

It’s the story of a little child
His name was Little red riding riot
He was preparing a big basket of food
His poor little grandma Denki was very sick
So he decided to come over visit him and bring him food to make him feel better.
Grandma Denki was living in the forest
But what Little red riding riot didn’t know
It’s that there was a dangerous wolf living in the forest
He was named, Big Bad Bakugou
Legends says that we can hear howling the night “DEKUUUUUUUUUUU”

Little red riding riot started his journey to his grandma Denki’s house, happily walking in the forest
Big Bad Bakugou was hungry, very hungry, when he suddenly smelled a nice scent, it was a mix of meat, cheese and veggies.
He walked around and saw Little red riding riot, carrying his basket of food.
Big Bad Bakugou froze for a moment “This boy, why the fuck is he wearing a dress ??”
But, apart from that, he was thinking the little boy was looking cute, but he wanted something more than him, his food.

He got an idea, he went to the boy, and tried to be the nicest he could (and it’s kinda impossible)
“Heyyy nice kid, I’ve heard you got nice food in your basket, you mind if I take it ?”
“Oh hey Mr.Wolf ! I’m sorry but this food is not for you ! It’s for my grandma Denki who is really sick, and if I don’t come over he’s gonna die, bye Mr.Wolf !”
Little red riding riot just continued his way leaving the wolf all alone
“That god damn kid-” Big Bad Bakugou was about to go angry, but he got an idea.
He ran over to grandma Denki’s house
“Oooh is it you Little red riding riot ?”
“Fuck you old man who is called grandma, I have a basket of food to get”
He wanted to eat the grandma, but he didn’t, he just tied him and locked him in the closet.
Then he disguised as grandma Denki and lied in the bed, waiting for the red boy to come.

Little red riding riot finally came, he saw the grandma lied in bed coughing.
“Oh my poor grandma ! Don’t worry I’ve brought a lot of food for you !”
“Oooh that’s very nice.”
“Woah grandma Denki, you hair are very spiky !”
“It’s to comb them easily my child.”
“Woah grandma Denki, you have very sharp claws !”
“It’s to have pretty nails my child.”
“Woah grandma Denki ! You have very sharp teeth !”
“It’s… to eat you better my child !”
Big Bad Bakugou revealed himself over the disguise and attacked Little red riding riot.
He was about to eat him, but he didn’t, he didn’t know why.
“…Why ?!” He screamed
Little red riding riot was confused, the wolf was.. being nice ?
“Maybe.. maybe because you don’t want to ?”
“That’s ridiculous ! I want to eat you so I can get your food !”
“Oh, then take it !”
“Huh ?”
“I don’t care about the food anymore ! Just take it, but give me grandma Denki back !”
“Your grandma.. I’ve locked him in the closet.”

Little red riding riot runned over the closet and freed the poor grandma.
Everything was okay, but why ? Why Big Bad Bakugou didn’t eat grandma Denki or even Little red riding riot ?
“Why you didn’t try to eat us ?”
“I don’t fucking know ! All I wanted was your food, but now I don’t even care anymore. I’ve been looking at you in this forest and, I wanted to get your attention.”
“Aww Mr.Wolf wasn’t being mean ! He was just feeling needy !”
“Shut up ! I’m not needy !”
“Yes you aaaare~”
Little red riding riot just kept on teasing Big Bad Bakugou.
At the end, the red boy shared the food for his grandma to the wolf too, then the boys went away after eating.
“I don’t think you look like a big bad wolf”
“You don’t ?”
“Nope, you actually look nice, because you didn’t eat me or my grandma, that’s cute”

The end of story is just : be cute like Little red riding riot, and you’ll get to share food with Big Bad Bakugou~

Title: Baby Blues (pt.2 snippet)

Words: 1,106
Rating: T for Teen (death mention)
Pairing: Bea x Mae, Gregg x Angus
Summery: The time has finally arrived, and though Bea and Mae should be happy and supportive for their friends–especially at a time where they had now became fathers–it’s kind of hard to be so supportive if you had to drive an hour’s length to a city at five in the morning. Also, Bea could’ve sworn that Mae didn’t really care for babies….why is she in a good mood, of all people?

Author’s comments: SO here is another part of the snippet I had worked on, which takes place a little bit after my first ‘Baby Blues’ snippet… This part is in Bea’s point of view, which was pretty interesting to write about too… Hopefully I can get to write everyone’s different point of view with future snippets or the like. For now, enjoy part two!


Honorable mentions: @j4m-ch4n (who not only wanted to see my stories, but also helped me for writing the summeries on my works lol). @cryssalia (who is still an inspiration to me, and I just love their works in general (owo)b ).

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Love You Long Time

Warnings: First Attempt(getting my fanfic sealegs)

Tags(Let me know if you’d like to be added to the list): @la-frenchiest-frite @americanrevelation @daisy-rivers @headoverhiddles

Fluffy cuteness. Absolutely self-indulgent. I hope you can find yourselves in it too :)

Rafa pulled you in for a cuddle and pressed play. He’d been gone for too long on movie work and it was nice not to watch movies alone for a change. Or so you thought. To celebrate him being home, you decided to have a movie night complete with snacks, blankets and cuddling. You let him pick, rolling your eyes as the opening credits of The Notebook played. He whispered playfully, “Now you stay quiet, babe. This is my favorite.”

Viewing him from the side, you smiled and snuggled under the duvet. Passionate, headstrong activist Rafael is replaced by sensitive romantic comedy loving Rafael. While watching them, he laughed, cried, and never removed his eyes from the screen.

Normally, you never cried when the man revealed himself to be the woman’s long lost love, but his salted tears fell to your check and you were stirred by the emotion. As the credits rolled, you smacked him.

“Rafa, I’m never watching this with you again. Look, you made me cry too!”

His eyes crinkled, smiling, as he rasped, “What can I say, it’s the magic of the thing.”

You managed one more film before dozing off to sleep in his arms, worn out by your long day at class and pulling a few extra hours at work.

When you awoke some hours later, a consistent flickering light bombarded your eyes before they were fully opened and you sighed. Then you heard sobbing and put two and two together. Rafael was crying at yet another emotional scene in another film. It was probably the fourth one which meant you had not been asleep for very long. It would be nice to go back to sleep, you thought.

He did not know you had woken up so when you brushed your palm along his jaw, he startled. Then he calmed down and recovered his senses, kissing your outstretched palm; you shivered at the way his stubble scratched your skin..

Torn between annoyance and endearment for your boyfriend’s affinity to torture himself watching these movies, you whispered, “That’s it. You’ve exceeded your limit, love. If you do not stop now, you’ll really be in your bag. Come on, let’s get some sleep.”

Going through your respective nighttime routines, you thought about how nice it was to have someone you loved to watch those kinds of movies. Maybe you thought you’d be forever alone, but you were glad Rafael Casal changed that whole course. Little did you know, he was thinking the same .

While you got comfortable fluffing the pillows, Rafa turned off the lights, and got in the bed. Before he would lay down, he pulled you in for a kiss. His minty breath soothing you as he whispered, “Thank you for loving me, honey.”

That night, you both swooned and slept easy.